Nook Farmhouse, Bottesford

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  • Just came across this information about our house. We would love to know any other information you have.

    By Charlotte Reavley (04/01/2018)
  • Hi Charlotte, I wish there was a lot to add regarding the history of this lovely old house. I do have a small set of photographs taken in 2010 when Mrs Reavley kindly showed me around. One of these shows a 1738 date stone, though I confess I can’t recall whereabouts in the house it is. This stone also shows a heart, and so may well commemorate a marriage rather than the building of the house itself, which is therefore probably older, perhaps from the 1600s. The Listed Buildings surveyor may have been pushing it to say that it is late 16th Century, but he may have had good reasons for making this claim. If correct, it would make it about the same age as the Rutland Flats (which dates to the 1590s), which I find hard to believe. There are a few references to the Farm in Michael Honeybone’s ‘Book of Bottesford’. One says that in 1799 it belonged to a man named Moses Calvert. Later it belonged to Richard Kettleborrow, who died in 1857 worth £4993 13s 8d, though after his debts had been paid there was only £444 5s 5d remaining. I’ll see if I can dig out more about who owned the farm and when. Neil Fortey

    By Neil Fortey (07/01/2018)

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