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We welcome all users of this Website, and hope you find it entertaining and informative. The words and pictures that are displayed are provided by members of the project and other registered users of the Website.

By using the Website you agree to respect the intellectual property rights of the Bottesford Living History project and other contributors to the Website (which are identified in the photo captions and credit lines for each article) and will refrain from copying, downloading, transmitting, reproducing, printing, or exploiting for commercial purpose any material contained within the Website.

You must obtain permission from the relevant copyright owner to republish the material on a public web site or within a work for publication in any medium. The source of the material and its copyright status must be acknowledged. Such use may be subject to reproduction fees.

Anyone republishing material from the Bottesford Living History website without permission is liable for any resulting infringement of copyright.

This page was added on 10/10/2007.

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