Muston Cross

Muston Cross
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  • In the fiftys, the green wasn’t kept in the manicured state it is today.The grass got cut once a year when a tractor and mower appeared. There were no trees or seats there either. There was a large bed of nettles close to the path which crossed over it which l became aquainted with when we raced carts and three wheeler bikes around the green or down the pebbles to the river Devon.
    When the grass was cut we collected it, stacking it at the base of the cross which was then used as a place to launch ones self on to the heap. As one’s courage grew the higher one would climb. I look at it these days when I visit and wonder how we survived with out banging our heads on the bottom steps.
    The green also was a meeting place for villagers both young and old plus the odd farm dog or two on a Tuesday night when the fish and chip van from Grantham came round the village, the chips of course served up in newspaper. Even the weather did not stop the hardy few but sometimes the snow beat the van.

    By Tony Gammage (01/10/2017)

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