May Day Pageant - fancy dress - 1

May Day Pageant - fancy dress - 1
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  • I am sure these pictures were taken closer to 1970 than 1980. I was one of the May Queen’s attendants, and if it was 1980, I would have been 19. I was actually still at Primary School.

    By Julia Jones (04/05/2016)
  • Thanks Julia. We are often a bit uncertain as to the dates of old pictures, and it is most welcome to receive information to allow errors to be corrected. Indeed, I wonder if you are able to specify more exactly the year these pictures were taken? Can you identify who the people are, and who might have taken the pictures? They provide a fascinating insight into the local history of Bottesford, and the more information we can provide the better the record will be. Neil Fortey

    By Neil Fortey (05/05/2016)
  • Hi Neil, Personally I think it was around 1971/72 as the only person I know is Peter Simpson. Perhaps he would have a better idea of the date. He is at the back of the photo to the left hand side.
    Regards, Michael Bradshaw, Adelaide, Australia.

    By Michael Bradshaw (05/05/2016)
  • I’m on the left of the picture, in the straw boater, and I think I was aged about 9 or 10 so it would have been about 1972. I recognise Juanita and Rosamund Stanley, Debbie Simpson, Shelley McElroy and Sandra Jobling. The May Queen that year was Vivian Ball, I believe. Julia Jones (nee Topps)

    By Julia Jones (25/08/2018)
  • Hi there, This photo is May 1970. My sister had all different things sewn to her skirt and went as “All Kinds of everything” which won the Eurovision for Dana in March of the same year. I was dressed as Lily the Pink. The dress I am wearing was a pink nightie and the bottle I hold was labelled “Medicinal Compound”. I know I was pre-school when this was taken and I started School in the Autumn of 1970.

    By Roz Stanley (31/10/2018)
  • Hello Roz, thanks for setting the record straight. I’ll correct the picture notes as required. With best wishes, Neil.

    By Neil Fortey (31/10/2018)

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