Genealogical enquiries with Bottesford links

Request for assistance

By David Middleton

Genealogical enquiries with Bottesford links

A number of genealogical enquiries have been received. If you are able to help please do add a comment.

My Dewey family tree

The Nottingham Branch

I have been researching my family tree for a considerable time and although my father’s family came from the Westminster area of London and subsequently from Edmonton/Enfield in Middlesex, I have managed to trace my great great grandfather, Samuel’s birth to the parish of St Mary in Nottingham.  He was born in about 1811/12, parents unknown.

I believe that he married in Manchester in 1829, after joining the Coldstream Guards in London.  Four years of his army service was spent in Quebec, Canada, where his wife gave birth to two sons.  The family then returned to England in about 1842.

Professional researchers both in Nottingham and Manchester produced precious little and so I decided to write to all the Deweys in those areas.  Today I have received a telephone call from a Peter Dewey who tells me that he believes that all the Deweys originated from one family in Bottesford.  On logging on to your website, the first name I came across was a Mr Dewey whose name featured in a local play!

I have lived here in East Wittering for virtually all of my life – I am now retired, and my husband and I run a local history group of some ten members who were born and bred here in this coastal village in West Sussex.  If any of your members has any information that they think may be of help to me, I would be delighted to hear from them.

By Janet Smith (29/5/08)

Cragg and Beckett Families

The following request for help can also be read on the Beckett Family page.

I can trace my family tree back eleven generations to Isabell Becket (c1555 – 1609) of Bottesford, second wife of John Cragg, also of Bottesford (c1535 – 1602) – my great (x11) grandparents. I’d be very interested to hear from anyone with more information about the Becket and Cragg families of Bottesford.

John and Isabell were married in the church at Bottesford (15.01.1574) and had one son, Daniel Cragg who married Lucy Caunt of West Allington, Lincs. Daniel and Lucy lived in Bottesford as did his son, Daniel (01.11.1618) who was a weaver. He married Jone Allison of Bottesford (Bottesford Church, 06.04.1644) and their son Robert left Bottesford following the death of his wife, Lydia, in 1722. He moved to Orston, Notts where the Cragg family became famous as framework knitters and cricketers.

I am hoping to go back further than 1535 if possible, and wonder if there are any Craggs and Beckets in Bottesford who would maybe be interested in helping me with my research.

By Veronica Barnes (Cragg) (01/09/2007)

Leonard Bockin – WW1 Soldier

Anyone know any information about Leonard Bockin who was a WW1 soldier from Bottesford. Thanks for looking

By John Myring (10/09/2007)


There is an extensive discussion of Leonard Bockin on The Great War Forum

Best of luck with your searches

Re: WW1

By Christopher Harris on 10/01/2008 at 06:47

John, I have submitted to the website a photo of a group of soldiers identified on the photo as “Bottesford Squad Mobilization 1914” Perhaps Leonard Bockin is in that photograph? I can only identify my grandfather, Bill Christmas and a Charlie Calcraft.

Please see

Hollingworth Family

Hi, I’m new to this site this month. I lost a message I thought I had posted, so will try again. John Hollingworth married Hannah Stokes in 1797 at St. Mary’s in Bottesford. Both of them were born in Grantham. I have John’s family back to a Henry and Mary Rolinson Hollingworth of Manthorpe (married in 1684). I have written to several people named Hollingworth in the Grantham area trying to locate a “cousin” who knows their family history. Since I mailed the letters, I heard that there is a postal strike. I have already researched the descendants of John and Hannah (including their son William b 1805 Bottesford who came to Texas in 1849 with his family), but cannot find a living male Holling(s)worth cousin. I’ve met some lovely female descendants. Any advice on what else I can do? Thank you.

By Georgia Cavanaugh (13/08/2007)


Gale Family

By Maureen Pennell on 07/03/2008 at 11:47

I have a Christopher Gale in the 1841 census for Bottesford HO107 587-4. Age 18 yrs working as a ‘A/Lab’ , but living at The Nooks, where would this have been? Also have a Doris Edna Gale working as the local postlady for many years, living at 43, High Street, Bottesford in 1976. Does any-one remember her? Any info regarding the Gale family welcome. Thanks

Re: Gale Family

By Peter Topps 16.3.2008 on 16/03/2008 at 16:14

Doris Edna Gale I have made enquiries but can’t find any record of her working for the royal mail. I have spoken to Freda Dunwell a retired post mistress and she cannot recollect anything either. Doris’s husband was Thomas and they lived in Normanton – 1 mile north of Bottesford, in what could be best described as a very old wooden bungalow. They had 3 children, Norman, who would now be about 70 but died 15 -20 years ago. He worked in Grantham in the loco sheds. Norman had a wife June and a daughter Leonora and they lived on Pinfold Lane. June died on 13th March 2008. The daughter lives in Grantham. Margaret would now be about 68 and Joyce about 66, I think the 2 girls now live in Grantham. The family did move to Bottesford and lived at 43 High Street. Tom and Doris were Jehovah Witnesses, I don’t know if the daughters have followed in that faith. Doris had a brother – Pip who lived at 49 High Street. He died about a year ago aged over 90, he was a spitfire pilot during the war. His son Pip still lives in the house. The “NOOK” was just off High Street at the western end of the village. The road forked just after leaving High Street – the right fork is now called Pinfold Lane and the left fork was Orston Lane, now called Bowbridge Lane. The photos you sent are of the backs of the cottages which were on Orston Lane, they were knocked down in 1959. Standing there now are No’s 3,5,7,9, Bowbridge Lane, built in 1960. We have lived at No. 7 for 48 years! The path going to the wooden shed was still there when we moved in and stayed in place until we re-arranged the garden some 10 years ago. Hope this is of interest to you. Peter Topps 16.3.2008

Kirton Family

By Tracy Woodhouse on 05/12/2007 at 23:25

I would like to know if you have any information about the Kirton family who lived in Easthorpe but had connections with Bottesford. I would like to know when you next have a history day next year. Many thanks

Re: The Kirton Family

By Neil Fortey on 09/12/2007 at 21:17

Tracy, The 1901 census records a Kirton family living at 2 Belvoir Road, Bottesford: John Kirton, 45, a railway carpenter born in Muston, Leics; Anne, his wife, 36, born in Galston Lincs; sons Frank, 7, Robert, 10 and Tom, 5; daughters Lucy, 13 and Sarah, 8. All the children were born in Bottesford. There was also John Kirton, aged 16, a farm servant living in at 4 Normanton Road. In addition, Mary Kirton, aged 75, lived in a house in Woolsthorpe Road, Muston. She was supported by parish out-relief and was head of household that also included her son-in-law, Arthur Smith, 29, shepherd, her daughter Mary Smith, 32, and their son William Smith, 4. Kirtons appear on the Muston census from 1841 onwards.They first appear on the Bottesford census in 1861 when a George Kirton, born in Muston, is recorded, married to Elizabeth, born Easthorpe. They have 6 children, the oldest 3 born in Muston, the youngest 3 born in Easthorpe. I hope this helps. Let us know if you discover more. We plan to hold an exhibition during september of 2008. Neil Fortey

Re: the Kirton family

By David Middleton on 06/01/2008 at 19:50

There are two members of the Kirton family named on the Bottesford Men’s Football team – 1920’s – sorry without first names.

Thomas Spalton

First may I say what an excellent site this is. My grandfather was Thomas SPALTON. He is buried just outside the church door, in 1843 and from his age he would have been born in 1777. Other records show that he wa, at one time, a churchwarden, so it would seem that he came from an established family. Unfortunately I can’t find any Spaltons in Bottesford prior to this. I am wondering if any of the old enclosure maps that you may have access to would give a clue. Thomas was married three times, to Olivia Kemp of Woolsthorpe, then to both Olivia and Elizabeth Dolby/Dalby of Waltham on the Wolds. His son Thomas b 1826 married Elizabeth Goodson of Muston/Harby so I have plenty of local ancestry. There is a row of cottages to the right of the Red Lion which was, at one time, named Spalton’s Row. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Regards Peter By Peter Krafft on 17/10/2007 at 00:08



Hi Peter, The cottages are now known as Wyggeston Cottages. Michael Honeybone records in his book of Bottesford (1989) that “the Wyggeston Cottages were called Spalton’s Row in 1851 after Olivia Spalton, the farmer who was the Wyggeston tenant” (p.59).

I have looked at the 1771 enclosure maps and cannot see any reference to the name “Spalton” – however I will look again in more detail in the near future.

There is reference to the Spalton’s in various 19th century Trade Directories. Have you seen any of these? Thomas Spalton, for example, is referred to in the 1863 Drakes Directory as a farmer or grazier at Easthorpe. A William Spalton – Cattle Dealer on Chapel Street.

See also Whites for 1877 where the following is recorded: “Spalton Mrs Elizabeth, grazier, Chapel Street”. Elizabeth is still there is 1880 in the Wright’s Directory.

In the 1899 Wright’s Directory, William Spalton is listed as an ‘Ironmonger’ on the High Street. In 1900 he is listed as a shopkeeper. In the 1908 Kelly’s Harriett Spalton is a shopkeeper but then there appears to be no further reference in the directories we have to hand. If we come across earlier references we will get back to you. Many thanks for your interest in the web site, we appreciate your kind comments. Kind Regards David

Re: Ancestor materialised in 1777…

By Peter Krafft on 03/11/2007 at 04:00

Thank you. Spalton’s Row predates 1851, it appears in the 1841 census between Thomas Spalton, living in High Street (mistranscribed as Spotton on but clear in the image) and Bridge Street. Peter

Watts Family

By Ann Whelan on 04/01/2008 at 08:25

Does anyone have any information about the family of my Great Grandfather Thomas Watts who was born in Bottesford in 1834/5.The 1851 census shows him as an apprentice living with James Robinson and family in Bottesford. He was a carpenter and later settled in London. Many thanks.

Re: The Watts Family

By Neil Fortey on 12/01/2008 at 12:54

Dear Ann, I would be very interested to know someting about the Watts family. When looking around the churchyard I have noticed there is a group of Watts headstones, so they must have been a large family. i am not aware of anyone by the name in Bottesford today and they have not figured in the old stories I have heard, so it is hard to find out more about them. I shall have a look at the censuses to see what more I can add.

The Brown Family

I find this page most exciting. My BROWN family went to Easthorpe via Thorpe Arnold from Long Bennington. Mr Thomas Brown went there c 1730. Documents from the Nottm RO have the leases showing. Will of Thomas Brown witness Edmund Brown (my ancestor) also mentions the farm. Edmund Brown dies in the 1800s at Easthorpe. John Brown was a weaver in Bottesford in the late 1700s as was Edmund.

By Hilary Thomas (26/11/2008)

In John and Mary Fegan’s Gravestone Index of St Mary’s Church, Bottesford the following Brown’s are listed. Hope this is useful in your enquiries. The index entry numbers are included. No mention of Edmund in this index

215: Jane dau Walter and Margaret Brown died in 1st year d. 10 Dec 1741

239: Eunice Brown d. 9 Dec. 1782

330: Elisabeth Brown late Grantham b 16 may 1814 d 24 Dec 1868

331: Mary dau John and Ann Brown b 20 June 1813 d. 17 Jan 1873

332: John Brown d 22 Mar 1817 age 40 also wife Anne W Brown d???

333: Ann dau John and Ann Brown b 4 Dec 1811 d 10 Feb 1859

656: John Brown d 26 Feb 1890 age 73 also wife Ann d 6 April 1891 age 75

710: Robert Brown d 12 Dec 1925 age 81 also wife Elisabeth d 30 April 1929 age 80

739: John Brown d 27 October 1799 age 71 also wife Ann d 29 Mar 1788 age 71

740: William Brown d 18 Aug 1829 age 84

741: Jane wife William Brown d 28 Jun 1837 age 74

896: Thomas Brown d 20 April 1799 age 72

By David Middleton (26/11/2008)

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  • To Veronica Barnes[Cragg]01/09/2007
    Hi Veronica..I wondered, in your search have you run into John Cragg married Mary Wood 01/06/1755 St. Peters Nottingham. Their Son Samuel b1770 Notts married Anne Meekley 23/09/1793 Notts., the list goes on. I’m interested as the families may very well melt into the same pot..keep up the good work. Yours sincerely, Rick

    By Rick Cragg (22/09/2007)
  • It seems that I am descended from Duffin family who were in Bottesford from 1635 until the midde of the 1700s when they moved to Snitterfield. I think the Bottesford website is excellent and so helpful. I live in the South of England but this week have visited Bottesford. The people I met were friendly and I enjoyed viisting The Red Lion and The Rutland Arms before visiting the library and having a walk round the church. It was wonderful to find a Duffin tombstone and to see the font, carvings and monuments that my ancestors would have seen nearly four hundred years ago. I would like to thank those who run the site and would love hear from any other Duffins. Val

    By Valerie Clement (28/09/2007)
  • Hi Neil Fortey

    I’ve been trying to track my grandfather’s birthplace down for nearly 20yrs now. He was a Walter STANLEY and married Maria “Cissy” DENT. The Dents have been long time residents in Bottesford and we seem to be related to most if not all of the whole village!

    Myra Bryce (nee STANLEY)

    PS: My cousin, Michael Mackley still lives within the village I believe.

    By Myra Stanley (12/11/2008)
  • I am new to this page, but my interest lies in the fact that my ancestry on my mother’s side is the March family, & my research so far has established that Elizabeth Cragg of Bottesford married one Henry March 8/10/1731 at Bottesford. Her father was Daniel Cragg c. 1680 married to Susanna Barton 11/2/1700 in Granby, Notts. Granby is only 3 or 4 miles from Orston. The LDS Family Search site has Daniel Cragg of c.1674 death 6/11/1747 married to Susanna Barton c. 1701 at Bottesford, contrary to my original info of the same date but at Granby. Another LDS site from an anonymous donor also has them married c. 1701 at Bottesford. Sorry for the rambling but any help would be much appreciated


    By Ronald Howe (01/09/2009)
  • Dear Mr Howe, We may not be able to add much, not least because the Bottesford parish records are at the Leicestershire Records Office at Wigston Magna, although you try looking at the microfiche copies at Melton Library. I have had a look at the records in the ‘Guys of Bottesford’ website at The marriage records here do not include the marriages of Daniel Cragg to Susannah Barton or of Henry March to Elizabeth Cragg. Perhaps these marriages did take place at Granby or somewhere else. Guy’s baptism records only go back to 1722. However, this site does record the burials at Bottesford of Elizabeth Cragg (wife of Daniel) on 3/4/1745, Anne Cragg (second wife of Daniel) on 14/4/1747, and of Daniel Cragg himself on 6/11/1747, adding that Daniel was the Clerk of the Parish aged 73 when he died. There are no records of anyone named March being buried at Bottesford. I hope this small bit of info is of some help.

    By Neil Fortey (02/09/2009)
  • Dear Mr. Fortey. It would help of course if I first of all I quoted the correct facts. Looking at my tree I have not Henry March but one Richard Winter married to Elizabeth Cragg 8/10/1731 at Bottesford & their daughter Sarah who married Henry 17/8/1767 at Bottesford (Both from LDS site). The son of Henry & Sarah, one Thomas March (1776)is my GGG grandfather. I do apologise for no doubt wasting your time with such a childish mistake (although at 82 I am at the other end of the childish age.) My sincere thanks for the time & effort you have obviously spent on these matters. 3/10/2009

    By Ronald Howe (03/10/2009)
  • The Brown Family Hilary Thomas (26/11/2008)

    I also am a direct descendent of Edmund Brown b.1752 Easthorpe and need to know more. Let me know if I can help anyone with our lineage.

    (We have added this comment to the message board – Editors)

    By Jason Brown (24/11/2009)
  • In addition to the details on my website I have microfiche copies of the Bottesford Parish Registers here at home.
    Baptisms 1563-1941 : Marriages 1563-1912 : Burials 1563-1995 plus Bishop’s Transcripts 1580-1850 (with gaps).
    I also have microfiche copies of the various census 1841, 51, 61, 71 1881 (LDS transcript on CD) 1891 & 1901.

    If I can help anyone please ask though at times I may take a while to reply.
    PS I also have many registers for other local parishes –
    Barkestone-le-Vale, Long Clawson, Eastwell, Hose, Knipton, Plungar, Redmile, Stathern

    By Guy Etchells (28/11/2009)
  • Dear Mr Brown,
    There is an Edmond BROWN buried in Bottesford 30 Dec 1834 aged 82 who resided at Easthorpe.
    I believe this is the same Edmund BROWN (weaver) Born 30 June 1752.
    If so he may have been married to Jane Cobley at Stonesby. 29th May 1781.
    I believe they had six children
    Elizabeth, Ann, John. Joseph, Edmund and a second Ann

    By Guy Etchells (01/12/2009)
  • I knew the Gale family fairly well as I went to school with Joyce and she was my “best’ friend. When we first met they lived at Normanton and then moved to Bottesford.I remember Norman as a grown up when he rode a motorbike.I remember the High st House. It was near the Post office.

    By Margaret Frew (28/02/2010)
  • Love your website. Wish I had managed to have had a good look before we came up last week (Fri) to have a look around the village and St Mary the Virgin Parish Church. I was really pleased to have found my first family members headstone Edward HAYNES (died 1836) & his wife Esther (nee BIRCH) (died 1838); I was surprised that there only seemed to be the one headstone as they were a big family. Does anybody know anything about the Haynes or Birch family(s). Many thanks, especially to the friendly people we met and chatted to on our short visit. I chatted to a nice couple who has a daughter-in-Law whom had had the surname of SMALLEY – if anybody knows them would they kindly ask them if their son who’s into family history would like to get in contact with me to see if we were related please.

    By Jayne Webb (11/04/2010)
  • Thank you for your kind appreciation of the web site. In John and Mary Fegan’s Gravestone Index of St Mary’s Church, Bottesford the following Birch and Haynes headstones are listed:

    BIRCH Robert Birch died 3 Feb 1814 age 87; BIRCH also w Felicia died 6 Mar 1809 age 81.

    HAYNES Edward Haynes died 24 Apr 1836 age 71;HAYNES also wife Esther died 5 Apr 1839 age 76

    and on another headstone HAYNES Mary d William and Elizabeth Haynes died 18 Aug 1853 age 7

    By David Middleton (12/04/2010)
  • THANK YOU David, your help means a lot to me, how did I miss little Mary’s (HAYNES) grave! I’m hoping to make it back to Bottesford sometime, and was going to make contact with someone at the Church before I came, to see if there was a plan of the graveyard, I will have to come up and find Mary’s grave and the BIRCH’s which I gather if I have worked it out in my excitement correctly are my 5xGGrandparents (Born approx 1727)… the kids would say how cool is that! Really Cheeky, but you don’t know if you don’t ask, if you get any spare time 🙂 PLEASE could/would you take a photo if their headstones if they still exist? This has really cheered me up after a BAD day, THANKS again, to be bold X & Big Hug.

    By Jayne Webb (13/04/2010)
  • Thank you Guy for this reminder of your excellent web site resources.

    By David Middleton (03/06/2010)
  • Reading through your messages, I note a comment on the graves of Edward and Esther Haynes. These are my 4xgGrandparents and I have visited the graves, but would it be possible for you to pass a message on to the lady who contated you last April – Jayne Webb? I would like to contact her regarding the Haynes family. Sincere regards. Brenda Mann

    By Brenda Mann (12/10/2010)
  • I am descended from the many CHEETHAM’s who lived in Orston during the 1700s and 1800s. One in particular, I have seen mentioned in a book about Shire Horses was J E CHEETHAM of Orston Grange Bottesford. The entry reads as follows: Grey, foaled 1892, bred by the late John Cheetham, Orston Notts. Breeder J E Cheetham, Orston Grange Bottesford Notts. Has anyone carried out any research on this part of my ancestry? I would like to find out more about them. Regards Paul Ellis

    By Paul Ellis (07/12/2010)
  • Hi I am descended from Joseph Kennewell (circa 1750- 1822) and Sarah Green (Circa 1750-1819) from Grantham. Sarahs mother was Mary (Turnbull) (born circa 1724). Their son Richard Kennewell (born East Allington 1795) Came to Australia to live and I am descended from him. I’m trying to find any other Kennewells descended from Joseph to add details into our family tree, and also trying to find more info on our family prior to leaving England. My research shows several links to Bottesford in the early 20th century and I’m hoping you may be able to help. Thankyou Chris Kennewell South Australia

    By Chris Kennewell (28/04/2013)
  • Many thanks for your enquiry. We have some brief information about two Kennewell’s. Mildred Sutton ( nee Kennewell) who lived in Bottesford and Sarah Kennewell who lived in Hawton near Newark. Mildred is mentioned on the web page on this site concerning Bill Sutton’s biography and WW1 service. David Bend has contacted us with the information he recalls about Sarah. We hope to add it as a comment in the near future.

    By David Middleton (07/05/2013)
  • Hi I am researching my husband’s family history which has lead us to the Waudby Name. Particularly William Austin Waudby Page, son of George Waudby Page and George Henry Waudby married to Mary Page. I  was wondering if any of the Waudby’s in this site can shed some light on this family and in particular any information on Mary Page 1941 from Nottingham married to George Henry Waudby. Thanks Katrina

    By katrina page (31/12/2013)
  • Hello, I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I’m trying to trace an ancestor Joseph Norris who died in Muston in 1695. There doesn’t appear to be any sign of a Norris in the area before that time. But there is a story that a Norris would deliver slate or stone from Bristol or Liverpool for grave stones and eventually settled in Muston. I would be grateful if anyone could either confirm that or point me in the right direction to research. Thank you and I love your website. Regards Lesley Pennie (nee Norris)

    By Lesley pennie (07/06/2015)
  • Hello again, I am following a tentative lead that my former ancestor Joseph Norris (married 1695, died 1702 in Muston) was a bell founder and bell ringer. I was wondering if there are any surviving records for bell suppliers and bell ringers in Muston and Bottesford churches. If anyone can possibly give me any pointers I would be most appreciative. Thanks again.
    Regards, Lesley Pennie (nee Norris)

    By Lesley Pennie (25/06/2015)
  • Hello Leslie, Thanks for your enquiries. I can have a look at the parish register for Muston and see if I can find any reference to your ancestors. The other thing I can do is pass you enquiry to the Norris family in Bottesford today, if you haven’t already contacted them. Muston is only a mile or so from Bottesford, so they might have lived in the latter village. Neil Fortey

    By Neil Fortey (25/06/2015)
  • A useful webpage for Genealogy Resources compiled by Lily Jones

    By David Middleton (21/10/2020)

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