Damaged footbridge at ford on Rectory Lane during flooding.

Damaged footbridge at ford on Rectory Lane during flooding.
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  • As a child my family used to live in Providence Cottage which overlooked the river. I used to sit at the living room window watching vehicles trying to pass through the flooded Devon. I even saw a motorbike trying to go through, I think it was probably a write-off, judging by the reaction of the rider! Many vehicles went through, some locals, who perhaps should have known better, some shouting for help from their cars, others climbing out of windows and trying to push cars to the other side and to safety. The river often flooded even in summer, youngsters taking great delight in jumping from the bars of the wooden bridge into the water. On one occasion my brother Geoff left his car, then a Mini traveller, parked in front of our cottage, the rising flood water meant only one way out – via the churchyard and over the packhorse bridge, with me keeping a lookout, only inches to spare! Sometimes, as a prank we used to dam the river by placing planks of wood to cover the small tunnels preventing the water going through, causing a ‘mini flood’ over the road. Sadly no photos, but happy days indeed!

    By Janet Dammes (17/08/2020)

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