Drawing of Bottesford turnpike toll gate.

Drawing of Bottesford turnpike toll gate.
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  • Hi, just looking at the website re the tollgate, I was wondering if there was any info on the whereabouts of the old tollgate. I have come across an old newspaper cutting, saying that restoration was to be carried out at Belvoir High School, and the restored tollgate to be hung and displayed in church. It remember playing on the remains of it, as it lay in our garden at Providence Cottage before being taken for restoration, which sadly looks like it never happened.

    By Janet Dammes (04/03/2023)
  • Hi Janet

    We understand that the iron work from the toll gate was taken into the care of the Leicestershire Museums. We have made numerous enquiries about its current whereabouts. It appears it could in their warehouse at Rothley but is yet to be located there. We will renew the effort to track it down.

    Did you have any photographs from when it was in the garden at Providence Cottage?

    By David Middleton (04/03/2023)
  • David, Michael here. I remember, and it must have been mid 50s, we found what was later thought to be the Old Toll Gate in the hedge alongside what is now the recycling depot on Normanton Rd, before the Rail Crossing.
    We then told our Headmaster (at the time it was Mr Dewey) about it and he then called in the Leicestershire Authorities.
    The rest is History.
    Regards Michael Bradshaw.

    By Michael Bradshaw (04/03/2023)
  • Many thanks Michael. Really helpful to know the approximate date.

    By David Middleton (05/03/2023)

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