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These instructions provide a quick introduction to:

1. Creating a new user

2. Editing a user

3. Removing a user

4. Transferring authorship from one user to another


There are three possible roles for users on your site:

• Contributor

Contributors can create new posts but not publish them

• Editor

Editors can create and publish their own posts. They can also edit and publish anyone else’s posts.

• Webmaster

Webmasters have the same abilities as editors, but can also manage users and control advanced features of the site, such as the home page.



From the Dashboard, select Users > Add New. Complete the fields, which are straightforward. Note that:

• Website is optional

• Send Password? You can either send the password to the new user by e-mail, or note it down and let the user know by other means.

• Role The user’s role will usually be either Author (for creating posts but not publishing them) or Editor (for publishing posts and being able to edit anyone’s posts)

Alternatively, if you wish, we can enable self-registration on the website.



From the Dashboard, select Users > All Users. You will see a list of all the registered users on the website. Click on the name of the user you want to edit.

Usually, the only reasons you will need to edit the user are:

Change a user’s role (for example, from author to editor)

Select the correct role and click on Update

Remind a user of his or her username

Check the username (which can’t be changed) and let the user know what it is.

Change a user’s password

You shouldn’t normally have to do this, as users can get a password reminder when they try to log in.

You can’t tell users their password, as this is encrypted, but you can change it for them and let them know what it is. They can subsequently change it to a new password of their own choosing.



From the Dashboard, select Users > All Users. You will see a list of all the registered users on the website.

1. Hover your cursor over the name of the user you want to delete.

2. Click on the delete link.

You will be given the option of deleting that user’s contributions to the website as well, or reassigning the user’s posts and pages to another user. This won’t change any information on the post or page itself – it will just change the editing rights.



The person who originally created a post is known as the author of that content. If that person is in the contributor role, they can then edit that content so long as it has not yet been published.

This page was added on 12/11/2014.

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