Ringing the Changes

Bells and Bellringers of St. Mary's

Bellringers for the coronation of George V June 22 1911
Caption for photograph above
Samuel Baker
Harris Thorley
Daniel Gilding
Arthur W Ward
Reuben Bend
John W Kirton
Mark Bend
Charles Lamb
August 3rd 1929 A peal of Stedman Triples 5040 Changes in 3 hrs. 18 mins.
November 16th 1912 a Peal of Grandsire Triples 5040 changes in 3 hrs. 16 minutes
The Church Bells of Leicestershire
Title Page
This Gloucester Foundry Mark for 1713 once appeared on Bottesford's Second Bell
London Foundry mark on Bottesford's 4th bell
These marks appeared alongside the foundry mark above
Extracts from The Church Bells of Leicestershire by Thomas North 1876

Bells have been rung in churches since the middle ages, to mark the passing of time for field labourers, the start of the market, the curfew, the hours of services. St Mary’s has a magnificent ring of 8 bells, the largest (the tenor) weighing over 22cwt. The bells are of mixed ages, the oldest dating from the 15th century and the three youngest from 1903. They are perfectly tuned to produce a wonderful sound. The ‘Great Bell’ at Bottesford was used as a call to arms or to mark a victory. The owner of Staunton Hall was obliged to supply a new rope for it annually. In 1715 it broke when used to celebrate the defeat of the Jacobites.

 The oldest of Bottesford’s bells is the 6th bell, listed by the Council for the Care of Churches as one worthy of preservation. It bears a mark referred to as the “brede mark”. This indicates that it was cast by a London founder around1490.

 Change ringing, ringing in complicated mathematical patterns, developed in the C17th and, as can be seen in the photographs, has a proud local history.

Today a band of ringers meets every Wednesday evening to practise their art and ensure that the bells ring out on Sundays and for national and village events.

Bell     Founder                                   Weight        Date

Treble John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 5 cwt.        1903

2nd   John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  6 cwt.         1903

3rd   John Briant, Hertford                   8 cwt.         1810

4th Abraham Rudhall I, Gloucester        9 cwt.         1713

5th Henry Oldfield II, Nottingham          11 cwt        1615

6th (possibly) John Danyell, London      14 cwt.       1490

7th John Taylor & Co, Loughborough    15 cwt.       1903

Tenor John Briant, Hertford                  22 cwt.       1809


Each of the bells has an inscription giving its date and other details, for example  the 4th bell says ‘Peace and Good Neighbourhood’.


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