Flooding, Orston Lane

Flooding, Orston Lane
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  • I was born in this row of cottages as was my sister, our parents being Ernest and Elodie Jallands. It was dad and mum’s first home when they married. There were five cottages in the row, Mr & Mrs Greasley and son Ken lived in the first one then Mrs James, us, Mr & Mrs Turner and at the end Mr & Mrs Flack. The Army camp was only a few hundred yards further down the lane, l remember the soldiers being there and the steam trains along the line. The cottages were eventually condemned, most of us moved up to the brand new housing estate up Belvoir Road in 1956. Bill Roberts had built these houses with great craftsmen, my dad being one of them, a plumber all of his working life. He retired at the age of 70yrs.

    By Sylvia Girdlestone (14/08/2020)
  • Dear Sylvia, thanks for letting us have your memories of the old houses on Orston Lane. It’s hard to picture what it was like before the modern estate was built and they called it Bowbridge Lane. The village has changed so much over the years. If you can remember more about the old houses and the folk that lived in them, your memories will be most welcome. With best wishes, Neil Fortey

    By Neil Fortey (14/08/2020)

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