Muston Gap newspaper article

Muston Gap newspaper article
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  • The pub was always known as the Gap as far as l can remember even when it had its Wheatsheaf name on the outside. I was told the name ‘Gap’ stemmed from the distance it was from the village.
    In the fifties they used to keep a flock of geese there and they would would wait for the bus from Grantham to turn down to the village and if it dropped any one off there they could be surrounded by this hissing mob. Sometimes the bus also suffered the same fate as it tried to make its escape into Muston.

    By Tony Gammage (17/09/2017)
  • Tony, thanks for the comments and history. Your contributions are most welcome. Please keep them coming! Neil Fortey (ed)

    By Neil Fortey (17/09/2017)

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