1947 - The New VC Hall

Adapted from "The Grantham Journal" January 24th 1947

Sue Middleton

‘The opening of Bottesford’s new village hall was on a Friday in January 1947, and attended by 350 people. Elton W.I. sold the building to the Commemorative Hall Committee at a good price and Mr. Horace Doubleday supervised the transport of the “temporary” building to land given by Mrs. Marsh. Mr. R. Stoakes provided fluorescent lighting and a public address system was supplied by Mr. A. Hurn. Mr. G. Silverwood (Chairman) hoped that young people would seek their entertainment in Bottesford instead of neighbouring towns as the hall could hold 200 dancers. He thought that a temporary structure was advisable, as bricks were needed for houses but was sure that a permanent structure would be built in the future. He thanked Elton and Bottesford W.I., Mrs. Marsh and the ladies helping with refreshments. The entertainment including various songs ( “Bless this House” was sung by Mr. W. Stubley from Woolsthorpe); piano solos; a forfeits quiz; a spot waltz and a raffle. On the Saturday, a children’s day was held. 120 children watched Punch and Judy; entered a fancy dress competition; played games and had tea. The catering was by the Rutland CafĂ© and was provided by Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Lee.’

Adapted from “The Grantham Journal” January 24th 1947.

If anyone has photographs of these events celebrating the opening of the VC Hall in 1947, please do get in touch.

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  • Victor Marston (son of Arthur Marston) recently recalled at the Living History Exhibition that money for the purchase of the Elton WI building also came from funds that had been raised by the Village during WW2 to send parcels to those serving in the armed forces. After the war there was money left in that fund and a decision had to be made whether it should be divided between those who had been on active service or donated to the Village Hall fund. As Victor Marston commented, he was about to get married after returning from active service. The decision to donate the remaining funds towards the purchase of the hall was quite a financial sacrifice to those trying to reestablish their lives as civilians. The hall’s full name has extra meaning in the light of this information – The Victory Commemoration Hall.

    By David Middleton (12/05/2007)

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