Geeson's Shop, the Boy on the Box, a Parade and Albert Street

Three Photographs from the Topps Archive

Geeson's Shop, Church Street c. 1902
Reverse of above
A Parade, Church Street c. 1900
Reverse of above
Arthur Cecil Geeson, born 1897 , detail from picture 1.
Reverse of Albert Street Post Card. 1903 or 1907?
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  • Absolutely delighted – Geeson photograph

    By Jacky Kirk on 15/02/2008 at 09:00

    A great big thank you for the Geeson shop photograph including Arthur Cecil Geeson posted on your site. Francis Geeson and Ann Wood were my great, great, great grandparents. Ironically, I only really started researching my family when I emigrated to New Zealand in 2002. Apart from my mother and her brother Raymond I have never known any Geesons and the picture on your site is the first Geeson photograph I have ever seen. My grandmother, Elsie Boardman (now deceased) met Reginald Geeson and became pregnant with twins, my mother Rita and her brother, Raymond. A marriage of convenience was arranged on the understanding that the marriage would give the twins ‘a name’ but that was all, I don’t think Elsie and Reginald even lived together after the marriage and the twins never knew their father. Reginald Geeson, a journeyman joiner died in Blackpool, I’ve not got the date to hand, in the late 1990s. If anybody has any Geeson information I would love to hear from them. Again, a big thank you for the grocer’s shop picture.

    By Jacky Wayne (16/02/2008)
  • Geeson Family History – Foston Links: I have just discovered the photo of the Geeson’s shop and adjoining house, owned and lived in by Frances Geeson 1791 to 1873. His father, also Francis (1753 to 1821), was a grocer and was my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. My Great-Great-Grandfather Richard Geeson (1796 to 1860) moved to Baslow, Derbyshire, and was a joiner and beerseller, eventually building an inn called Alma in 1854. I would love to find out more about the family and their past in Lincolnshire so would be grateful for any info.

    By Beryl Collins (02/05/2009)
  • There is a little more information about the Bottesford branch of the Geeson family on this site in ‘Topics – Shops and Trades – Market Street and Church Street’. There is also another photograph of Arthur Cecil Geeson aged 3 in ‘People – Children and Teenagers – A Bottesford School Photo from 1900’.

    By Editor (03/05/2009)
  • The boy on the box, Arthur Geeson aged 3 in 1900 will be, I assume, Arthur Geeson badly wounded in WW1 and in hospital in summer of 1915 as reported in the Parish Magazine of October 1915 and featured in the Jallands Brothers topic in Wartime Bottesford. He would only have been 18 at this point in his life.

    By Jonathan D'Hooghe (21/01/2010)
  • Wonderful to see the photo of ‘Geesons’ shop 1902. I am busy researching my family tree. My mother, Marian, nee Geeson, died last year aged 88. I have found our family back to 1600’s. Regards, Megan

    By Megan Ford (08/03/2010)
  • Hi, I have just returned to family history after a 20 year gap. The Francis GEESON who married Ann Wood was also my great x 3 grandfather. One of his younger sons – James Wood Geeson – was my Great x 2 grandfather. I have some information on the generations that followed and can also go back beyond Francis & Ann if anyone is still interested. I appreciate that this is some two years after the last comment was posted. Tony Geeson

    By Tony Geeson (18/12/2012)
  • Hi Tony, thank you for your interest in the web site. We have forwarded the link to your comment to Jacky Wayne. Please do add any details of the Geesons either as a comment or as a separate page. It would be most interesting to have further details of the family.

    By David Middleton (30/12/2012)
  • I would be very interested in any Geeson information going back beyond Francis and Ann.

    By Jacky Kirk (28/03/2014)
  • Just to let you know my email has changed. To share information about the Geesons please get in touch.

    By Jacky Kirk (17/12/2015)
  • My new email address:
    To share and discover Geeson information.

    By Jacky Kirk (09/08/2021)

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