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By Jack Latimer and Neil Fortey

A young Bottesford brickyard worker enjoying his break
A young Bottesford brickyard worker enjoying his break

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This page was added on 08/12/2006.

Comments about this page

  • A superb lively photo. Bottesford is setting a fine example for villages all over England.

    By dr francis oreilly (03/05/2007)
  • Thank you for your encouraging comment. We are pleased you enjoyed visiting this site. We hope to add more material in the coming months.

    By David Middleton (05/05/2007)
  • It is marvellous to see the work that has been done on Bottesford. I spent many happy holidays in the village as a child visiting my grandparents and other relatives. My grandad was Fred Carter, who was church organist for over fifty years. I often sat next to him on Sundays. Uncle Frank had a butchers shop and Aunt Nancy also had a shop. I hope to add photos and memories as time permits. Thank you for the excellent work done so far.

    By Pam Powell (08/05/2007)
  • Thank you for your support and encouragement. Would that be the butcher’s shop F.H.Goodson and Mrs Moulsher’s grocery shop.

    Mr Carter played the organ at our wedding in 1974. He was most kind in helping us choose the music and hymns which everyone really enjoyed.

    By David Middleton (08/05/2007)
  • Hello David
    Yes you are right. Uncle Frank (F.H.Goodson) had a butcher’s shop. It is now a restaurant. Auntie Nancy (N Moulsher) had the shop where my cousin Andrew now has his business with Margaret, his partner. Fred Carter, my grandfather was also the choir master and piano teacher. My grandmother Marjorie lived with my mother Jean and Beryl, my aunt, at The Bull during the war. Beryl lives in Bottesford opposite where my grandparents lived for many years. Both my parents and grandparents along with many other relatives are buried in the churchyard at Bottesford.

    By Pam Powell (16/05/2007)
  • I lived in Bottesfrod from the age of 4 until 14 on Chapel Street, opposite Mr and Mrs Watchorns sweet and wool shop. I always said I would come back and live there with my own family cos I have such happy memories there.
    My grandparents lived in Bottesford since the 50’s in a house that was built for them on Easthorpe Road. My grandpa, Mr James Arnott, was well known in the village having worked for the previous Duke of Rutland for many years.
    I think Bottesford has a real sense of community and I found this site really interesting. It brought back many memories of times spent in the river on Devon Lane with my fishing net and bucket!

    By rosie arnott (07/06/2007)
  • Reading all these stories brings back so many memories for me having lived in Bottesford until I was 11 (born 1941). I knew Mr & Mrs Carter and Beryl so well. My father, Frank Sellers, also my Uncle Edgar Culpin used to sing in the choir – Fred played the organ. I also used to fetch the meat from ‘Uncle Frank’ Goodson as I used to call him and went in almost daily to Mr & Mrs Moulsher’s shop. In fact the picture shown at the top reminds me so much of one of the moulsher boys – Robert or John? Yesterday my husband and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Neil and David and their respective partners reminiscing about the past and later, when we returned home, my friend Wendy Topps (now Cross) rang me which was such a wonderful surprise!
    Brenda Turier (nee Sellers)

    By Brenda Turier (nee Sellers) (20/07/2007)
  • I lived in Bottesford for a while with my Grandfather after my Mother died. That would have been in about 1972, I was only about 4 or 5 years old. I don’t have many memories as I was too young but I do remember going to school and having to walk through the village to go to the canteen for lunch. I remember Mr Christmas’s garage, as he was a friend of my Grandad. I still know a couple from the village who were friends of my Grandad and my parents. My father re-married and we all moved to Wales where I still live today. Your website shows your village in a good light and has brought back a few memories. I just wish I could remember where my Grandads house was, it was on the main road by a bridge crossing a railway, it might have been called Holmecroft?

    By Tim Holdsworth (31/10/2008)
  • Thank you for getting in touch. We’re glad you enjoyed the site. We will look at the houses near the railway bridge to see if any of them is still called Holmecroft.

    By Editor (01/11/2008)

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