Who are we?

The Living History project team

By Neil Fortey

Coming together in 2006
Coming together in 2006
Basking in Bottesford's sunshine
Basking in Bottesford's sunshine
Looking at Maps
Looking at Maps
Meeting February 2007
Meeting February 2007

The Bottesford, Easthorpe, Muston and Normanton Community Heritage Project was launched at a public meeting on September 22nd 2006. From the many people keen to contribute to the project a group of volunteers came forward who were willing to take on the work of organizing it.

We are a small group of about 20 people living in Bottesford who share an interest in our community’s history. We want to preserve as much as we can, before time and change sweep it away. We are not in general professional historians, and we welcome support and guidance where we can find it.

We are a mixture of long-standing Bottesfordians and relatively recent incomers. Most, though not all, are members of either the small Bottesford Environmental Conservation Volunteers group or the long-established Bottesford Local History Society.

The project is a community venture, and all members of the community are invited to take part. If you would like to join the project team, just contact us through Neil Fortey, Project Co-ordinator, Barabara Pizzey, Project Secretary, or any other member of the team.  Look at our quarterly newsletter for details and to get an idea of what we have done so far.

In addition to the group who meet regularly to drive the project along, we are building up our network of associated contributors to different parts of the project. This website is one way we wish to reach people and spread the network wider, right around the globe.

Although the grants we have received run for only two years, the project will continue under its own momentum, accumulating information, investigating different topics and communicating its findings.

We invite you to register and become a contributor to this site and its project. If you want to find out more than this site tells you, please contact us by email.

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  • This is a first rate image of the work of the Bottesford group. Well done. But why not have more historic images and photos on this site?

    By Flebilis Naul (04/05/2007)
  • Thank you for your encouraging comments. We are pleased you enjoyed visiting this site. We hope to add new material in the coming months. Please do visit the site again.

    By David Middleton (05/05/2007)
  • Really enjoyable, liked to see photo’s of people of Bottesford. It brings back memories of my Dad and Mum telling us about life there. I lived in Bottesford for 33 years and now live in Scotland. Mum and Dad email Mike Bradshaw in Aussie and he and Dad grew up together as best friends. Thanks for a happy evening
    Donna Blanche (nee Taylor)

    By MRS DONNA BLANCHE (13/11/2007)
  • The picture of the meeting 2007, is the lady straight ahead Jill Bagnell my old Girl Guide Leader?!!!!

    By Claire-Marie Dilly (Thompson) (12/01/2008)
  • You are quite right, it is Jill. You can also see her if you go to About Us – Living History Exhibition 2007- Picture 10

    By Kate Pugh (14/01/2008)

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