Shield of Isabel, 3rd Countess of Rutland (nee Holcroft, of Vale Royal)

Lady Isabel Manners (nee Holcroft), 3rd Countess of Rutland | Neil Fortey
Lady Isabel Manners (nee Holcroft), 3rd Countess of Rutland
Neil Fortey
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  • The backgrounds of all three quarterings should be white. The top right and bottom left qtrs are the arms of other families whose heiresses had married into the Holcrofts:
    1 Argent, a cross and bordure both engrailed Sable [Holcroft]
    2 Argent, a squirrel sejant Gules [Horton]
    3 Argent, an eagle Sable, preying on an infant [proper], swaddled [Gules, banded Or] [Culcheth]

    By Norreys (12/05/2018)
  • We are very grateful to the Norreys for the information regarding this shield. The background should indeed be white, but has become discoloured and now has a pinkish tint.

    By Neil Fortey (14/05/2018)
  • An eagle preying on an infant in swaddling clothes is the crest of the Stanley family, Earls of Derby. It would be interesting to know if any connection exists with the Culcheth family who as the above post states, have this image in their coat of arms.

    By Peter (15/09/2019)
  • In answer to the question on relationship between Houlcroft and Stanley, I believe it is as follows: sir Robert fitz Latham 1198-1282 father of Cecilia de Latham 1222-1275 mother of Joan de Houlcroft married to Thomas fitz Hugh de Houlcroft 1240-1298 parents of Adam de Houlcroft 1270-1347 father of John Houlcroft 1310-1352. The Lathoms were related to the Stanleys and the Eagle crest and swaddling baby is the tale that goes with the relationship.

    By Steve James (29/12/2020)
  • Dear Peter and Steve James, thanks for shedding light on the shield on the tomb in St Mary’s. I wonder if it is known why the image of the eagle and the child in swaddling clothes came to be adopted by the Stanleys? With best wishes, Neil Fortey.

    By Neil Fortey (29/12/2020)
  • The eagle and child legend is well known in South Lancashire and is described in many places. The link below describes it.

    By Steve James (07/03/2021)

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