Shield of Henry Manners K.G., 2nd Earl of Rutland

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  • Hello,

    I was wondering if you had any more details about the coat of arms? For instance, what does this section mean? I am writing descriptions for garter shields and would be grateful for any help in identifying the meaning behind the symbols and origins of sections.

    Top left and bottom right quadrants: Manners (with royal augmentation)

    Top right quadrant: upper row – Roos, Espec, Trusbutt [or Belvoir]; lower row – Todeni [Albini ancient], Albini [Daubeney], Badlesmere [Maudit].

    Bottom left quadrant: upper row – Holland [Earl of Kent], Tiptoft; lower row – Vaux, Powys (Charlton)

    Megan Dally

    By Megan Dally (13/05/2021)
  • Dear Megan,
    We were fascinated by this shield and had a hard time sorting out what the different sections refer to. As you know, the shield proclaims the pedigree of the 2nd Earl by showing the devices of the various families his ancestors had married with. The earl was descended from Sir Robert Manners, whose family were Northumberland gentry (who had lived at Etal Castle near Berwick) and his wife Lady Eleanor Roos, who was the daughter of Thomas Roos of Helmsley. Their son had married a great niece of Edward IV and so the royal augmentation was added to the original Manners shield. On the Roos side, their ancestry goes back to Robert Todeni who was a supporter of William I, and then marks various marriages of this line. We gave some detail in our book “Angels and Dragons” by myself and Bob Sparham, which I can supply if you are interested. With best wishes, Neil Fortey.

    By Neil Fortey (19/05/2021)

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