Belvoir Secondary Modern and Bottesford Scouts

Prefects and Scouts: can you help identify them?

By Philip Taylor

Belvior Secondary Modern School Prefects 1960/1
Bottesford Scouts in the village hall, 1957-59.

Can any one add names to this old photo from 1960/1?

I hope I have got the year correct!

Looking from left to right :-

Third top, Michael Turrell; fifth top Graham Scrubbs;

Middle front, Jill Hutchinson; fourth front, Philip Taylor.

This second picture was taken of the Scouts event in the old Bottesford VC HAll in 1957-1959. Can anyone identify them?

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  • I am in touch with Mike Turrell today as he lives in Luton and also Mike Hadlow who lives at Harpenden. I was at this school from 1959 to 1964. I recall Jill Hutchinson and some of the other faces but the names elude me.

    By John Shipman (25/07/2007)
  • Perhaps John could ask Michael Turrell if he could shed further light on to the subject in question?
    Philip Taylor.

    By Philip Taylor (09/08/2007)
  • I think the lad seated on the left is Andrew Poole who was head boy. I believe he has now passed away.

    By Owen Cook (04/09/2007)
  • Top left. Robert Taylor. Middle left. Anthony Whatton. Middle centre. Philip Taylor. Left of myself is Graham Scrubbs. Centre right is Neil Tinkley. Partially hidden is John Topps.

    By Philip George Taylor (08/11/2011)
  • Left hand side front row in the scouts photo is I think Peter Donger who lived in Easthorpe. I went to school with him in Muston.

    By Tony Gammage (17/11/2011)
  • 2nd from right is John Tinkley. I am standing behind Philip, 3rd from left, middle row(ish)

    By David Ball (23/11/2011)

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