Bottesford School Children

Can you help date this photograph?

Mary Calcraft, unknown, Marcia Christmas, Myra or Marjorie Stanley (identical twins)
Gwen ? Randall, unknown. Marjorie or Myra Stanley
Jim Kirton, Sid Robinson, unknown, unknown
The boy on the right is identified as Alwyn Taylor by his daughter Linda Taylor.
Walter Stanley?, unknown
Frank Pacey, unknown

We are grateful to Sharon Flack for allowing us to copy this  picture of a class at Bottesford School. Thanks also to Dorothy Beedham, Margaret Taylor, Pat Pearson and Margaret Waudby who have responded to our appeal for information. They have been able to identify a number of the children, whose names appear below. Miss Waudby suggests that the picture probably dates from 1930 and shows mixed age-groups of children, 5 – 6 years old and 7 – 8 years old.

Does anyone know what the strange object visible in the window is?


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  • Hi Neil Mother is floored over this pic! She had had no memory of school photos being taken. She agrees that her eldest brother Walter (born 1921) is the top left. Marjory (born 1924) is the twin in the middle (Marj was very close friends with Marcia Christmas and Mary Calcraft.) Myra (my mother) is the twin on the far top right. She’s right this very moment wracking her brains trying to remember who anyone else is. Thanks once again Neil. Barb Hafslund

    By Barb Hafslund (19/05/2012)
  • re: Bottesford School Children. The boy sitting crossed legged, on the front row, second from the right with the striped tie is my Uncle Sid (Robinson). He identified himself. I sent a copy of the photograph to him a couple of years ago when it first came on to this website. Unfortunately Uncle Sid died last year. He was born in 1924 and was one of my Dad’s (Stan) brothers.

    By Elizabeth Goodliffe (19/05/2012)
  • The boy in the front row, first on the right as you look at the picture, is my father Alwyn Taylor.

    By Linda Taylor (29/10/2016)
  • Looks like the headmaster’s office window.

    By Pauline Mitchell/ Guy (19/08/2017)

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