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Two School Photographs from the Collection of Jill Bagnall

Photograph 1. Bottesford School 19?
Detail of photograph 1.
Detail of photograph 1.
Detail of photograph 1.
Photograph 2.
Detail of photograph 2.
Detail of photograph 2.
Detail of photograph 2.
Brenda Turier (nee Sellers) Photo 1, Front row, 5th from right
Janet Peet (nee Tinkler) Photo 1. Front row, 2nd from left

Brenda Turier (nee Sellers) and Janet Peet (nee Dunsmore) have contacted us to identify themselves and some of their schoolmates (see below). They both date Photograph 1 to 1948-9.

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  • I think the picture was taken around 1948/9. I am the fifth one in from the right with the plaits! I remember all those faces vividly but cannot put names to them all – sorry! To name a few John Moulsher, Robin Whysall, Cyril Plummer, one of the Raison boys, someone called Fisher. All on the back row. Middle row Peter Christmas, someone called Gale(surname), Yolande & Carol Norris, and David Langton. Front row, Janet Tinkler, Wendy Topps, Brenda Jackson, Brenda Raison, Jennifer Parr, and someone called Dunsmore. I also remember all of them on photo 2 but not their names – Angela Bradshaw, Ann Ducker, Jennifer Whysall, Neville Bagnall, another of the Raison boys, and of course Mr Dewey.
    Brenda Turier (nee Sellers)

    By Brenda Turier (nee Sellers) (11/06/2007)
  • On photo one I am the 2nd from the left on the front row.I can remember most people on here: Sylvia Guy,Ann Whitmore,Jean Dunsmore, (my cousin)Rita Gregg,Micheal Lipscombe,Gillian Coy,Brain Burdett,Cyril Plummer,the two Norris girls,John Langton,Wendy Topps, Brenda Raison,Jennifer Parr,Angela Bradshaw ,Ann Ducker,Neville Bagnall.I think the year is 1948/49

    By Janet Peet Nee Tinkler (14/07/2007)
  • What wonderful memories came flooding back when looking at the school photographs. I was at school 6 years later than this with their brothers and sisters….Helen Plumber, Fredrick Langton, Pat Dunsmore to name a few. Other surnames ring bells but I cannot recall the christian names. Other friends were Carol Hampson, Susan Barnes, Susan Farrow, Betty, Mary Carr, Herbert Daybell and Jimmy.
    There were also the Cross Bearers – Neil Tinkler, John Topps, David Ball and John Daybell. I am still in touch with Richard Bolland but both of us have lost touch with everyone else.

    By Elaine Sharp nee Spray (03/09/2007)
  • In the 1948/49 photograph I’m quite sure it is Pat Christmas in the centre row second from left, not his elder brother Peter.
    Chris Harris

    By Christopher Harris (06/01/2008)
  • Would love to hear from Elaine Sharp (nee Spray) and Richard Bolland.

    By Dave Ball (28/04/2008)
  • Elaine Spray is a name I remember too! I was there about 1955 I think but only stayed for a year or two as we moved away. Often think fondly of happy times at school. Bet Edwards

    By Bet (Betty) Edwards (09/12/2013)
  • Photograph 1 Top Row L to R: John Moulsher, Robin Wysall?, ?, John Ball,?, ?, Cyril Plummer, Brian Burdett, Desmond Rayson, Tom Fisher. Mid Row L to R: Michael Whitcombe, Michael Christmas, Joyce Gale, ?, ?, Angela Bradshaw, Yolande Norris, ? Norris, Malcolm Langton, Frank Wilkinson. Front Row L to R: ?, Wendy Topps, Brenda Jackson, Brenda Sellers, Brenda Rayson, Jennifer Parr, Jean Dunsmore, ?. Photograph 2L to R: Mr Dewey Head Master, Desmond Rayson, David Bend, Michael Taylor, George Norris, Conrad Taylor. Middle Row L to R: Shela Damms, Pat Barnes, John Simpson, Neville Bagnall, Geoffrey Rayson, ?, Norman Gale, ?, Jean Bolland, Margaret Lightfoot. Teacher Mr Davis. Back Row L to R: Margaret Fisher, Irene Young, Mary Ducker, ?, Margaret Dunsmore, Joy Baggley, Angela Bradshaw, Margaret Lightfoot, Sylvia Guy, Anne Whitmore. I think the estimated date for the Photo 1 is 1948. My sister Angela Bradshaw arrived in Bottesford with me and the rest of our family in 1948 and looking at our first school photograph that was taken 1948. Photo 2 I think was a year later 1949. Regards Michael Bradshaw. {Adelaide South Australia}

    By Michael Bradshaw (11/12/2013)
  • Dear Michael, Thanks for sending this information in. You haven’t lost your touch, still sharp as ever. With best wishes, Neil Fortey

    By Neil Fortey (11/12/2013)
  • I can do a little better than Mick! I have one of these form or class photos in the family album which my grandfather, to his eternal credit, always annotated on the reverse, which says, Miss Walkers Class, Bottesford, May 1949.

    Incidentally, mine is is much better, near pristine condition so let me lnow if you’d like a copy of that one?

    By dick Bradshaw (26/09/2015)
  • Anyone know or keep in touch with Neil or Janet Tinkler? My last name was Tinkler. I was raised in Michigan. Grandfather from Muston. I am close in age with possible relatives in these pictures.

    By Linda (Tinkler) Dudas (22/01/2016)
  • A couple of great photo’s I’ve never seen before. My uncle George Norris, Aunty, Yolande Norris and not forgetting my mother Carole Norris.

    By Alan Button (24/01/2016)
  • I went to school in Melton with Michael Christmas RIP. If anyone could tell me about him or has pictures I would be very pleased and grateful.

    By Frank Haynes (14/10/2017)
  • My Uncle Malcolm Langton. My he was handsome went on to be a very capable engineer. I wonder are there any pictures of his brothers? David, Stephen, Roger to be had when they were boys.

    By Peter Langton (09/11/2018)
  • Photograph 2 my father David Charles Langton 5th from the right middle row.

    By Peter Langton (09/11/2018)

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