Easthorpe Past and Present

A Gallery of Photographs

Allen's Tea Gardens served the many tourists who came to Bottesford in the early years of the C20th
Bridge House 1980s
C19th Estate Cottages Easthorope Lane - Re-roofong 1980s
John Ball Roofing
Easthorpe C. 1900
Cottages, now Corner House C. 1900
Easthorpe Cottages, now Corner House C. 1900
Corner House, C. 1980
Arts and Crafts Style, Manor Road
Easthorpe Manor and barn
Easthorpe Manor
Hollyhocks, Manor Road

We have very few photographs and not much information about Easthorpe’s past. Can anyone help?

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  • I find this page most exciting. My BROWN family went to Easthorpe via Thorpe Arnold from Long Bennington. Mr Thomas Brown went there c 1730. Documents from the Nottm RO have the leases showing. Will of Thomas Brown witness Edmund Brown (my ancestor) also mentions the farm. Edmund Brown dies in the 1800s at Easthorpe. John Brown was a weaver in Bottesford in the late 1700s as was Edmund.

    By Hilary Thomas (26/11/2008)
  • In John and Mary Fegan’s Gravestone Index of St Mary’s Church, Bottesford the following Brown’s are listed. Hope this is useful in your enquiries. The index entry numbers are included. No mention of Edmund in this index

    215: Jane dau Walter and Margaret Brown died in 1st year d. 10 Dec 1741

    239: Eunice Brown d. 9 Dec. 1782

    330: Elisabeth Brown late Grantham b 16 may 1814 d 24 Dec 1868

    331: Mary dau John and Ann Brown b 20 June 1813 d. 17 Jan 1873

    332: John Brown d 22 Mar 1817 age 40 also wife Anne W Brown d???

    333: Ann dau John and Ann Brown b 4 Dec 1811 d 10 Feb 1859

    656: John Brown d 26 Feb 1890 age 73 also wife Ann d 6 April 1891 age 75

    710: Robert Brown d 12 Dec 1925 age 81 also wife Elisabeth d 30 April 1929 age 80

    739: John Brown d 27 October 1799 age 71 also wife Ann d 29 Mar 1788 age 71

    740: William Brown d 18 Aug 1829 age 84

    741: Jane wife William Brown d 28 Jun 1837 age 74

    896: Thomas Brown d 20 April 1799 age 72

    By David Middleton (26/11/2008)
  • A little more info: The Guys of Bottesford website has a record of burials that covers the late 18th and all the 19th Centuries. There is a record of the burial at Bottesford of Edmond Brown, aged 82, on the 30th December 1834. I think this may well be your Edmund. There is also a record of the burial of John Brown, aged 89, on the 29th of October 1799. Unfortunately no more details are given.
    It is perhaps worth adding that Fegan’s excellent index includes ‘only’ a little more than 1850 individual people from the period 1669 to the 1970s, which is much less than the number of people who lived in the village over those years. Many people simply didn’t have headstones, yet their burial is recorded in the parish records studied by the Guys people.

    By Neil Fortey (27/11/2008)
  • As Hilary Thomas, I was too very interested in the Brown Family to whom I am related. I can trace my family to Edmund Brown Weaver of Bottesford. It would appear that he was married to Jane Cobley in a marriage dated 31st.May 1781 at Stonesby Church. (I have a copy of this information which I believe came via Hilary Thomas.)

    By Andrew Bennett WEST (10/01/2009)

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