Remember Rosy's Shop?

A poet's memories

By Ian Abbott

Rosy Dyers Shop

A glorious emporium, bursting at the seams

From dusty quarry floor, to worm riddled beams.

To children such as me, the window really was the best

Not displayed but scattered just like a treasure chest.

The old bell rang on entry bouncing on its curly spring

I’d look round in amazement in awe of everything

Through her puppet theatre peering, wrinkled old and grey

‘What can I get you my love?’ Was what she’d always say.

The shop was open, so it seemed, right around the clock

Never moving from her seat, surrounded by her stock

There were writing pads and boot laces

pans and plates and pencils

There were tins of beans and soup and fruit

haberdashery and lentils.

That tiny shop sold everything that you could ever need

From pear drops, liquorice and penny chews to balls of aniseed.

Brushes, buckets, soap and toys whatever caught your eye

There were few things in that shop that she could not supply.

To her grave went Rosy as that’s the way it goes

Sadly, No longer ‘Open all hours’,

no more shop,

no Rose.

This page was added on 12/02/2010.

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  • Well done Ian on a very delightful and descriptive poem. Rosie was definitely “Bottesford Royalty” in her era and something we look back on with a lot of lovely memories. Bring back the Corner Store. My Father Police Sgt Bradshaw, always described the shop as “Rosie Dyers Walk round Store.” Regards Michael & Liz Bradshaw {Adelaide South Australia}

    By Michael Bradshaw (15/02/2010)
  • As children we used to come up to Bottesford and stay with my grandparents (Millers) in Grantham Road and Hand’s Walk. Rosy Dyer’s sweet shop, as we called it, was the highlight of conversation during the long journey from Kent. Every day we would be up there choosing our ‘four for a penny’ sweets or pear drops etc. What a great lady and she always knew our names although we only came up once or twice a year! Great poem!

    By anne irons (15/08/2010)

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