St Mary's Bottesford Phase V.IV, Monument to John Manners, 4th Earl of Rutland

By Bob Sparham

The Tomb of John and Elizabeth Manners
The Tomb of John and Elizabeth Manners

John Manners was briefly the 4th Earl of Rutland inheriting the title from his brother Edward in the Armada year of 1588 before dying in turn after just a few months as the Earl. Although he had a military career, serving in the Irish wars, John Manners is now chiefly remembered as the father of a large family. No less than three of the 4th Earl sons, Roger, Francis, and George became Earls of Rutland, whilst his fifth son Oliver was recruited by the Jesuits and became a Catholic agent who was closely involved in the Gunpowder plot of 1605, ending his days as an exile in France. John Manners’ widow Elizabeth became the de-facto Earl during the minority of her eldest surviving son Roger and she proved to be a formidable administrator,founding the Rutland Hospital in Bottesford and¬†organising amongst other things her sons Roger and Francis’ educational visits to Europe that are outlined on their tombs in the church. These tours proved to be something of a prototype for the 18th century Gentleman’s Grand Tour and they are important for English cultural history because they introduced one of Francis Manners companions, the architect and theatre designer Inigo Jones, to the splendours of Italian art.

John Nichols in The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester Vol II part I 1795. p47 writes:-

“Born before 1552, was the second son of Henry, second Earl of Rutland, by Margaret, fourth daughter of Ralph, Earl of Westmoreland. John, a colonel of foot in the Irish wars, became Earl of Rutland in 1588; and in the same year was constituted constable of the castle of Nottingham, and lord lieutenant of that county. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Charlton of Apley in the county of Salop, esq; and had by her (who was buried at Bottesford, Mar 24, 1594) he had five sons; Edward, who died young; Roger, Francis, and Sir George, successively earls of Rutland; and Sir Oliver. His daughters were Bridget, married to Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettelby, co. Lincoln, esq; son and heir to Sir Robert Tyrwhitt, knight; Frances, to William, lord Willoughby of Parham; Elizabeth, to Emanuel Scrope, Earl of Sunderland, but died without issue; and Mary, who died unmarried in Apr 1588.”

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