7th Meeting 18/9/14

Project volunteers and representatives

By David Middleton

Bottesford Parish WW1 Centenary Project

Volunteer and Representatives Meeting

Meeting to be held on Thursday 18th September @ 7.30pm

Bottesford Chapel Upstairs Meeting Room,

Devon Lane, Bottesford



Thursday 18th September @ 7.30pm

Bottesford Chapel Meeting, Room,

Devon Lane, Bottesford.


Graham Collins;  Jonathan D’Hooghe, John Dockrell, Neil Fortey, Vic Martin, Mike Meech, Liz Mills, Mary Owen, Malcolm Owen, Bill Pinfold, Kathleen Panter, Kate Pugh, John Simpson, Joyce Slater, Mel Turner, Will Wiseman.


David Bend, Sue Dunsmore, Phil Harding, Sue Harding, Val Lever, Susan Meech, David Middleton, Sue Middleton, Ken Roberts, Dave Slater, Bob Sparham,

Matters arising and updates from the Meeting held on the 21/8/14

Review Inaugural Meeting Sunday 28th September 2014, 4-6 pm


Next meeting 25/9/14 (Launch preparation)@ 7.30pm. Bottesford Chapel Meeting Room, Devon Lane.

 Future Meeting dates


23/10/14; 20/11/14; 18/12/14

Sunday 28th September 4-6 Community Launch

Matters arising and updates

Get well card for signature wishing John Dockrell our very best wishes

Tower Roll of Honour

36 – 4 pending – Cyril Gale; James Buckingham?? Robert Dolman, William Coy – Isaac Johnson no CWGC records

RBL Roll Call – Bottesford and Muston Saturday 13th September

Good turn out – project supported

Many thanks to Gareth Hughes for his excellent video of the event

Digital Display Kiosk –  Dave Slater produced a much appreciated rostrum display of names and faces

Displayed and project publicity

                        Project represented by:DM/SM; DS/JS; BP;

Action: Video to RBL – Produced web page and possible Launch display item

Names and Faces – War Memorials

36 images of 40 on the Bottesford and Muston War Memorials (Robert Dolman; *Edgar Raithby; James Furnival; Reginald Pritchett) (On Website; in Church; on Noticeboard; at Launch)

People and Places

Maps purchased; locations identified; photographs (36 + 1 and 4 avatars); design work and pre production completed

Chris Edwards to arrange printing and mounting on 5mm fomex + transport

Great teamwork – Creative design Bob Sparham in collaboration with Chris Edwards, Neil Fortey, Dave Middleton, Sue Middleton, Kate Pugh, Dave Slater, Will Wiseman; pre- production and printing – Chris Edwards; image research – Dave Middleton; location research – Sue Middleton; computer crash rescue service – Dave Slater; Pet therapy – Puppy Molly assisted by Joyce Slater.

War memorial photographs

34 images of 40 on the Bottesford and Muston War Memorials

Latest to be identifies William Palmer and Ernest Jones)

Displayed in St Mary’s Church on Bottesford remembered  as part of the Candle Light Vigil on August 4th 2014 – display to installed for near future

Primary School Activities Day

Scott Knowles from ‘Tommy Teaches’ has agreed to provide expert input, Confirmed for September 2015

Website and catalogue  – training days

Friday 24/10/14 and Friday 31/10/14

VC Hall – 10.30-3.30 pm – 8 per session

                  Self-nominations to take part in the training are now sought .

Historypin’s First World War Centenary hub


Good level of interest (100+  views within 2 weeks)

Request from the HLF to put material on in time for the HLF showcase in Parliament of their History Hub for WW1 Projects

From Anna Jarvis HLF (19/9/14)

http://www.historypin.com/en/explore/first-world-war-centenary ??

We will be showcasing the hub at an event in Parliament on 22 October, so if there was any way we could get your project on to it by then, it would be just fantastic. I am copying in Sophie Fitzpatrick from Historypin, who will be able to help you link up the material you’ve added to normal Historypin to the First World War hub. This will mean that it’s even more findable, and will be part of a huge collection of First World War projects. Please can I suggest that you get in touch with Sophie and she can tell you what to do next???Thanks again for following this up and sharing your project- I appreciate it takes time, but am so glad that it’s been such a success! (113 views now I notice!)

Tower of London roll of honour

Success in nominating everyone – only two left to follw up – ie every casualty from Bottesford and Muston will be included. Great collective effort by book two groups and project volunteers

Inaugural Meeting Sunday 28th September 2014, 4-6 pm

Organised to date

Hall booked 1-6 pm                      Mim Forsey

WI Teas                      Glenys Claricoats/SueM            AnzacBiscuits (VM recipe) Trench Cake

                                                               Recipe leaflet display – to do DM

Performers – arranged

Music U3A Choir                      Barbara Cobb/Val Lever

‘ Bugler ’                       Geoff Soar

School choir                      Liz Mills, Judy Holborow (pianist)

PA                       Radio Mike@Hall – checked DM v

                                                               Mike Stand                      John Simpson v

                                                               Extra Mike                      John Simpson v

                                                               Key board                      John Simpson v

Invitations & Publicity

Invitations to archive donors                      Done (SM)

Vice Lord Lieutenant                      Invited – Accepted – details sent

HLF Rep David Stocker                      Invited – Accepted – details sent

Media Publicity                      Sue Meech

Press release                      Distributed

Local publicity                      Village Voice  – appeared in last issue

Pub/Shops Posters                      To do this week DM

                                                               Bill posters Val  – thanks for the            comprehensive coverage around the            village

Displays and demonstrations to include:

Interactive display stand                       Done – Dave Slater

Table Displays  – provisional

Table 1                                      The Project

DP X 4 table top



Montages: Memorabilia; Activities;

Service List

File of names

Table 2                                      Names and faces; Their stories

Whether new or with a long family connection to the parish

Photos – Names and faces

Their Stories

DP X 1 table top

Table 3                                      Your stories

                                                    Your WW1 memorabilia

Whether new or with a long family connection to the parish

Table 3

DP X 1 table top

Table 4                                      Every picture tell a story

DP X 3 table top

Bill Pinfold

Table 5                                      Letters in the attic

DP X 3 table top

Phil and Sue Harding

Table 6                                      Photographs under the stairs

DP X 3 table top stereo scope

People and Places

(DS’s display stand)

Table 7 & 8                                Research your family

Join the volunteers

DP X 3 floor standing

Table 7 & 8

Digital Kiosk

Table 9 & 10                              Tea and cakes

Table 11                                    Visiting War Graves in Europe

Table 12


Muffled Bell Peal

Dedication – Conserved Chapel Roll of Honour

Music Concert – U3A Choir and Primary School


DP X 3 table top

Table 13                                    IWM WW1 Centenary to stage after Part 1

DP X 3 table top

Information stall

Table 14

Entrance Table – small

Before and On the day – to be finalised on Thursday 25th September



Who  – when

Proforma and evaluation

To draft

DM and JS


Print and mount


Before Thursday


People and places

To printers

For delivery 25-26/9

Delivered 25/9/14

Dress tables



Flower arranging






Supplies tea etc

Vic Sponges X 2



Setting up


Who available in the am





Who available from 1.00pm



Piano Keyboard



Car parking cones

Tea room table clothes?

Access from 10.00











On the door


Logging Numbers


BB/ MalcolmO


Proformas on clip boards

Elaine Marlow

Gill Chiswell

Pete Chiswell

Graham Collins

Will Wiseman.

Sue Dunsmore,

Val Lever

Ken Roberts


VLL Col Murray Colville

Car parking

Susan Meech/DM


HLF David Stocker

Car parking

Neil Fortey/DM


Geoff Soar – Trumpeter – assist in sound check and location choice

Car parking Geoff Soar

Will Wiseman/DM






KP,WW,NF,DM + any others who are able


At table

Bill Pinfold

At table

Phil and Sue Harding

Information table

• Gather proformas from collectors

• Give out flyers

• General enquiries

• Potential volunteers and steer to proforma people

MaryO, Kate Pugh

Researching your relative

Computer access and advice on military, social and family research

JonathanD, Sue Mid, Joyce S

Technical and computing support

DS and JS

Moving chairs after performance

Clear some chairs to create space

VM + others

Clear Speaker table

Create space

VC + others

Clear up

Clear hall

6.00 pm onwards All

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