8th Meeting 25/9/14

Project Volunteers and Representatives

By David Middleton

8th Meeting 25/9/14
On the day - all set and nearly ready to start
On the day - all set and nearly ready to start


Bottesford Parish WW1 Centenary Project

Volunteer and Representatives Meeting Meeting

Thursday 25th September @ 7.30pmBottesford Chapel Meeting Room,

Devon Lane, Bottesford


For 25/9

John Dockrell, Val Lever, Malcolm Owen, Mary Owen, Neil Fortey, Kate Pugh, Dave Slater, Vic

Martin, Mike Meech, Bill Pinfold, John Simpson, Mel Turner

For 25/9 & 28/9

Mel Turner


To finalise Launch Arrangements for Sunday 28th September 2014, 4-6 pm

Organised to date

Hall booked officially 1-6 pm Mim Forsey

Access to hall from 10.00 am

WI Teas Glenys Claricoats/SueM

AnzacBiscuits (VM recipe)

Trench Cake Recipe leaflet display – to do

Performers – arranged

Music U3A Choir Barbara Cobb/Val Lever

‘Bugler’ Geoff Soar

School choir Liz Mills, Judy Holborow (pianist)

PA Radio Mike@Hall – checked DM

Mike Stand John Simpson

Extra Mike John Simpson

Key board John Simpson

Invitations & Publicity

Invitations to archive donors Done (SM)

Vice Lord Lieutenant Invited – Accepted – details sent

HLF Rep David Stocker Invited – Accepted – details sent

Media Publicity

Many thanks to Sue Meech for coordinating comprehensive coverage

·      Facebook (311 views)

·      Twitter (580 followers)

·      Web site

·      Posters – Bill posting in the village (Many thanks to Val Lever for placing the posters around the Village), pubs, shops (DM)

·      Talks to local groups

·      Bottesford Village Voice

·      Press release distributed (SMch)




Nottingham evening post

In the diary

In the diary

Grantham journal

Will include an article this week

We need to send article for paper & web site

Send our own photos by Tuesday

Melton Times

Have already covered

event pencilled in

Pencilled in

if no one comes send our own photos

Leicester mercury

Pencilled in

Pencilled in

if no one comes send our own photos

BBC Radio Nottingham

Pencilled in.

Will contact SMch if need more info.

BBC radio Leicester

Will cover

Phone interview with DM this week

BBC East Midlands Today

In diary

weekend producer may call SM

Newark Advertiser

Someone has already been in touch

event is in diary

In diary

if no one comes send our own photos

106 Eye

Interview done by DS, DM & SMid

Displays and demonstrations 

Majority of displays completed – see list below

to include:

Interactive display stand Done – Dave Slater

Display Printing

People and places, IWM timelines and WW1 summaries, Chapel Roll of Honour  – Printed and mounted

Hall Plan

                                                  Schedule of Launch Displays

Table 1                                      The Project



                                                  Montages: Memorabilia; Activities;

Table 2                                      Names and faces; Their stories

Whether new or with a long family connection to the parish

                                                  Photos – Names and faces

                                                  Their Stories

Table 3                                      Your stories

                                                  Your WW1 memorabilia

Whether new or with a long family connection to the parish

Table 4                                      Every picture tell a story

                                                  Bill Pinfold

Table 5                                      Letters in the attic

                                                  Phil and Sue Harding

Table 6                                      Photographs under the stairs

                                                  DP X 4 table top stereo scope

People and Places

                                               Use free standing 8 panel display and or easel


Table 7 & 8                                Research your relative

                                                  Can we help

                                                  Digital Kiosk

Table 9 & 10                              Tea and cakes

Table 11                                   Visiting War Graves in Europe

                                                    CWGC + photos file

Table 12                                  Is your relative on the list + File of names

Table 13                                    Recent Tower of London Remembers

                                                  Next Muffled Bell Peal

                                                  Future List

Table 13a                                  IWM WW1 Centenary to stage after Part 1

                                                  Chapel Roll of Honour

                                                  Conservation story

Table 14                                    Information and help


                                                  Header board notice

Entrance Table                        small

Launch Meeting Volunteer Briefing Notes

Sunday 28th September 2014



When and who

Access to VC hall

No need for everyone to be there all day.

Choirs and guests will arrive from 3.00 pm.

Unless specified otherwise volunteers to arrive from 1.00 pm onwards as detailed below.

10.00 am onwards

Set up chairs, tables and exhibition in main hall

Small tables in meeting room

Table cloths

See attached plan for hall layout details. Most of the tables already in place.

Hall and Meeting room

10.00 am

Dave M, Neil, Graham, Phil, Sue H, Vic, Will

Sue M

Computing equipment

Sound PA


Extra Mike and lead

Two Mike stands



Mac + monitor



Radio mike + stands

Set up

From Chapel

From Chapel

Dave S – am

Dave M – am

Jonathan – in the pm

Bill P – in the pm

Dave S,

John S – 12.15 pm

John S  – 12.15 pm

John S  – 12.15 pm

John S  – 12.15 pm

Flower arrangements




Sue M

Car parking – reserve spaces


Laminated Names

Col Murray Colville

David Stocker

Geoff Soar


To do


Lock Hall unless needed for flower arranging or refreshment preparation

12.30 – .1.00pm

Refreshment Supplies


Tea etc

Sue M , Glenys + WI

Ken + any one else who has time to bake one

Sue M

Refreshments etc

Donations to RBL

Organise kitchen, tea room, hatch, cake tables etc

Signs for collection plate

3.00pm onwards  Glenys + WI

Dave M

Information & Evaluation

Information & Evaluation


Joyce brief clip board volunteers as they arrive

Clip board volunteers

• In foyer as people start to leave

• In the hall during event


2.30 pm onwards

David Bend, Malcolm Owen

Sue D, Gill C, Pete C, Graham C, Sue H, Val L

Elaine M, Alison and Malc, Hugh S, Jane S

Information table

Seating choirs

Volunteer Name tags and lanyards

In the hall near the entrance

• Gather information and evaluation forms from collectors

• Give out flyers

• General enquiries

• Potential volunteers and steer to clip board volunteers

Direct U3A choir to stage

Children to floor in front of the stage

Give out name tags and lanyards

2.45 pm onwards

Mary & Kate

Mary & Kate

Mary & Kate

Mary & Kate

On door

Welcoming on the door and distributing programmes

David B

Malcolm O

On door logging numbers of attendees including all volunteers

Shiny new clicker counter direct from China (@96p inc postage!) now available

Mike M


VLL Col Murray Colville

Car parking

3.30 onwards

Susan Meech – DM



HLF David Stocker

Car parking

3.30 Neil – DM



Geoff Soar – Trumpeter – assist in sound check and location choice

Car parking Geoff Soar


Will  – DM






Bob/Graham – camera on tripod

Gareth if available

Kate, Will, Neil, Dave, Graham

 + any others  – bring cameras


At table

Bill P

At table


Information table

• Gather proformas from collectors

• Give out flyers

• General enquiries

• Potential volunteers and steer to clip board volunteers if table busy

Mary & Kate

Researching your relative

Computer access and advice on military, social and family research


 Sue M


Technical and computing and network support

Availble within the hall

Dave S and John S

Moving chairs after performance

After Part 1 – Clear some chairs to create space

Vic, Ken, Dave S, Mike M, Will, Hugh

Clear Speaker table

Create space

Dave S, Vic

Clear up

Clear hall

6.00 pm onwards as many as can


We gratefully acknowledge the contributions to the project of WWI Heritage.

Mrs Audrey Pacey and family

Mr David Bend

Mrs W Bass and family

Mr P Sutton

Mr and Mrs C Hatton

Mrs G Claricoates

Mrs M Beevers

Mrs J Simpkin

Mr W Pinfold

Mrs J Moulds

Mr I Coy

Mr and Mrs M Wakefield

Mrs M Smith

Mrs A Williams

Mr G Waudby

Miss M Waudby

Mr and Mrs I Norris

Mrs B Metcalf

Mrs J Round

Mrs S Ball

Mrs F Dunwell

Mrs B Worley

Mr and Mrs Dammes and Mrs G Marston

Mrs B Smith

Mr and Mrs E Rayson

Mr and Mrs R Money

Mrs A Bond and Mrs B Bond

Mr and Mrs W Sutton

Mr D Wright

Mr H Daybell

Mr and Mrs P Topps

Mr and Mrs M Owen

Mr Bill Burrows

Mr and Mrs H Wadsworth

Mr P Chiswell

Mrs M Phipps

Mrs M Spalding

Mr and Mrs J Peach

Mr J Hammond

Mr M Saunders

Mrs Farmer

Mrs J Fowler

Mr Michael Dix

Mr and Mrs D Alliss

Mrs E Goodliffe

Mr C Harris

Mr J Miller

Mr and Mrs S Shepherd

Mr S Stewart

Mrs A Hebden

Mr M Smith

Mr G Spencer

Mrs A Shields

Miss M Taylor

Mrs G Pearson

Mr P Christmas

Mr B Johnson

Mrs M Taylor

Mr and Mrs P Preston

Mrs M Worley

Mr and Mrs J Ives

Ms Kate Pugh

Mr and Mrs C Cameron

Mrs Joy Peatman

Mr Ian Abbott

Mrs Eileen Ross

Mr and Mrs David Johnson

Mr John Dockerell

Dr and Mrs Phil Harding

Please tell us if your name is not on the list


Vote of thanks briefing

Named thanks to:

Invited guests

Colonel Murray Colville, Vice- Lord- Lieutenant of Leicestershire

David Stocker, East Midlands Committee Member


Piano Judy Holborow for accompanying the choirs

Vale of Belvoir U3A Choir, Musical Director Barbara Cobb

Bottesford Primary School Choir, Conductor Liz Mills

Parents of the children

‘Last post’ & ‘Reveille’ played by Geoff Soar

General thanks to:


Glenys Claricoats and the WI for refreshments


Audience for attending

People and organisations

Contributing memories, memorabilia and to project activities

(DM to thank volunteers)

Thank you to the volunteers at the Launch Meeting on the 28/9/14

David Bend

Gill Chiswell

Pete Chiswell

Graham Collins

Jonathan D’Hooghe

Sue Dunsmore

Alison Eaton

Mim Forsey

Neil Fortey

Phil Harding

Sue Harding

Val Lever

Vic Martin

Elaine Marlow

Howard Matthews

Mike Meech

Susan Meech

Sue Middleton

David Middleton

Mary Owen

Malcolm Owen

Bill Pinfold

Kate Pugh

Kathleen Panter

Ken Roberts

John Simpson

Dave Slater

Joyce Slater

Bob Sparham

Jane Spencer

Hugh Spencer

Will  Wiseman

Glenys Claricoats and the WI

Bottesford Primary School Choir

Liz Mills Conductor

U3A Choir

Barbara Cobb Musical Director

Judy Holborow  Piano

Geoff Soar Trumpet

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