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Another Fine Mess at the Ford - 5th July 2007

A fire engine, a police car and assorted onlookers – on foot, on bicyles and mounted – gathered in Devon Lane today as another unfortunate driver miscalculated the depth and force of the Devon at the Green.

The fire engine left when it was clear that the driver had escaped to safety, but it took several hours for other help to arrive. Eventually the driver, a man from Whatton, saw his Vauxhall Vectra hauled from the river with water pouring from the doors and exhaust.

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  • The last photo is the best un and says it all. I reckon the caption should read, “Man of Constant Sorrow” by the Soggy Bottom Boys.

    By Richard Bradshaw (07/07/2007)
  • I used to play in the river Devon here all summer long! The force of the river was so powerful, most of the time we had to hold onto the railings under the bridge! There was a farm at the top (other side of the river) where I used to milk their cows in the 80’s…many, many GREAT summers playing down by the bridge!!

    By Claire-Marie Thompson (Dilly) (13/01/2008)

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