Views from "Holliers"

Church tower panoramas of Bottesford in the 1953/4

By Richard and Michael Bradshaw, and Neil Fortey

Looking NW from the church tower towards the gas works (gasometer, furnace house and office which is now a day nursery) and the level crossing on Normanton Lane.
Lookin north from the church tower over Beckingthorpe House and beyond it Beckingthorpe Farm to the railway line where a train is approaching from Grantham.
Landscape looking southwards from Bottesford church tower over Easthorpe's pastures towards Belvoir Castle.
Looking SW from the church tower over Queen Street and the centre of the village.
Looking west from the church tower showing Redford's Cottages and The Square.
Train arriving at Bottesford Station

This series of pictures, provided by Richard and Michael Bradshaw, was taken from the parapet of Bottesford church tower (the “Holliers”), plus one from beside the railway line, by Police Sergeant Arthur Bradshaw during 1953/4. The original prints had suffered over the years, but digital enhancement has brought them back to life. They show the village after The Square had been built, but before further major changes had taken place. The Gas Works is still there, as is Singleton’s Farm on Chapel Street. An additional shot was taken beside the railway just west of the station, showing a train pulling in.

In historical terms, these are important pictures. We hope to add a set of photos of the same views but taken during the 2007 Gala weekend, to see how great the changes have been during the last 50 years.

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  • My Grandad and Grandma Sellers used to live at the Gatehouse and Grandad used to man the gates. Grandma used to take me to Nottingham most weeks on the train (like the one shown in the picture) to the then Victoria Station and she would take me up Mansfield Road to visit two little shops, one of which used to sell sweets. I can vividly remember this shop! I used to regularly visit Mr & Mrs Tillson who lived in the Station House shown in this picture. I spent many hours at the Gatehouse and used to play in the surrounding fields and tried to catch a rabbit by putting salt on its tail! I never caught one of course! Frequently Mr Palmer from Palmer’s Farm would call in at my Grandma’s when he fetched the cows for milking. He always used to smell of a farmyard and I hated it!! I also used to love to go into the Ticket Office whenever I was at the station. I remember going on the other side of the line if we were going to Skegness or to visit my aunt in London. Happy memories!
    Brenda Turier (nee Sellers)

    By Brenda Turier (nee Sellers) (11/06/2007)
  • I am the grandaughter of Mr and Mrs Tilston, the Stationmaster at Bottesford. I can remember staying with my grandparents, mother, father and brother. Fred and Lizzy Tilston retired to Salford, Greater Manchester to be near us about 1956ish. Sadly grandma died in 1959 and granddad died in 1965. It’s really nice to know that they are still remembered. Well done for setting up the site.

    By Jacquline Jones (01/07/2007)

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