My Sharpe family relations in Muston

Muston in the 1920s

By Sheila Jones

Iris, Irene and Phyllis Sharpe on the village cross with Mr Challands circa 1924
Iris, Irene, Phyllis, Edgar, Alan Sharpe in the first car in Muston circa 1922
James North outside Holly Cottage
May Day on Muston village green
Muston School circa 1923 - Phyllis Sharpe 4th from right top row - Edgar Sharpe 3rd from right bottom row

My maternal great grandfather and great grandmother are buried in Muston churchyard.  My mother was brought back from Canada at 10 days old in 1916 to live in a cottage on Muston green opposite her grandparents who lived in Holly Cottage.  She then had twin sisters and later two brothers, who all attended the Muston village school.  They later moved into the council house next to the school house.
The family moved to Netherfield when my mother was 12 years old, and after living in the country they all hated it, but the job situation necessitated the move.
We often visited (and still do) Muston, and my mother would tell me lots of stories about the village, and point out where everyone lived.
I recently learned from an uncle that my grandfather tiled Holly cottage (the roof was previously thatched) and ordered the tiles from Grantham to be delivered to Bottesford railway station.  My grandmother then barrowed them from there to Muston.  I cannot imagine how many journeys she had to make!

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  • Thank you for these wonderful pictures and the information about your great-grandparents and Holly Cottage. Your great grandmother must have been a very tough and determined character. Would your great grandfather be the James North who was the father of the North children on the Muston School 1902 photograph? ( see Saved from the Silverfish)

    By Kate Pugh (16/03/2010)
  • Yes, he was the father of the children mentioned, the majority of whom settled in Canada and the USA. Gertrude North was my grandmother, and I was thrilled to see this photograph of her aged 12. Thank you for your kind comments, and for giving the link above.

    By Sheila Jones (16/03/2010)
  • I too lived in Holly cottage Muston, my mother and father moving there 1949/50. We were also told of the tiles being brought from Bottesford by wheel barrow. We left Muston in the mid 1960s. I attended Muston school and remember some of the people in the school photo, they being a lot older when I knew them.

    By Tony Gammage (04/04/2010)
  • Thank you for your comment about Holly Cottage. If you have any further reminiscences about your post war life in Muston, people you remember and any photographs, please do add them to the web site. Many thanks for your interest.

    By David Middleton (04/04/2010)
  • For information: Muston School circa 1923 On the top row – third from left – is Cecily Mary Donger (McCarthy) of Peacock Farm, Muston. Her brother, Robert Maynard Donger is far right on the top row.

    By J Malone (04/03/2011)
  • Thank you very much for providing theses names and for your interest in this web site. If you have any photographs of Muston people you might like to display on this website please do get in touch.

    By David Middleton (04/03/2011)
  • The picture of the first car in Muston was taken at what we used to call Black Prinices bridge, don’t know why, which was just out of the Stenits over the old iron stone line. Its not there any more, we used to spend a lot of time there watching the steam trains when we were lads.

    By Tony Gammage (16/01/2014)

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