This Was Lunch!

Those Were the Days -A trip to Lancashire 1961 or 62

By Nigel Beacroft

This picture was taken in 1961 or 62 outside Riggs Pie  Shop in Lancashire. We were on a trip organized by Jack Heaney to play bowls, darts and dominos (with 9s and 12s). This was lunch!

My name is Nigel Beacroft and I am third from the right in the picture. I was 17 or 18. We went on the trip in an Austin A 40 and a Bedford minibus of the day. I bought a round of drinks on the trip. It cost me £1. 6 shillings (£1.30p). I only had £5 for the day!

I can name most of the people, from left to right:
Owen Taylor, Frank Wilkinson, Frank Mumby, Jack Heaney, Barry Wright, Owen Cook, Brian Jallands, Ted Pedge, Arthur Short, ? MacDonald, Me, Eric Wright. The person on the extreme right could be Albert Cooper.

Albert Cooper lived at 12 Grantham Road, opposite the Red Lion. I now live next door. My mother and father were the Landlord and Landlady of The Red Lion.

Does this bring back memories for anyone?

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  • The guy on the extreme right is Harold Lamb who lived in Belvoir Avenue with his mother. He was a friend of my fathers Owen Cook in the picture.

    By Owen Cook (16/09/2007)
  • My maiden name was Cooper. I am the daughter of the late Reginald Cooper whose brothers were Albert, William, and Clarence, sisters Nellie and Mabel who were all brought up at number 12 Grantham Rd. I can confirm that the person on the right of the picture is not Albert. I have many fond memories of number 12 and of Bottesford in general as I spent all my summer school holidays there. I remember that the house would have been very small to bring up a large family, my uncle though, only seemed to live in the back room with the range to keep him warm and being a heavy smoker had huge piles of Kensitas coupons on the table, the garden was so long and he tried to grow grapes in the greenhouse.

    By Ann Higham (nee Cooper) (29/10/2008)

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