A view towards Queen Street Mill chimney

A view towards Queen Street Mill chimney
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  • The location, the cross, from where the photograph was taken is probably correct. I lived in what is now referred to, as “the white house” I believe and that certainly looks like the wall enclosing “Taylors” yard on Market Street. There used to be a telephone box at the LH end of the wall and the alleyway led up to the telephone exchange. The tree in the garden (LH) was an extremely old Victoria plum, during my time. They were delicious.

    By David Ball (16/01/2021)
  • My family also lived in that house David back in 1961, we lived in the front section and your Parents or Grandparents had the rear section. Our only toilet was also in that yard which we shared. The phone box and exchange as you mentioned were behind that wall. Previous to that My early home was The Police Station in Queen St from 1948 which I think is the building in the rear of the photo. The chimney was possibly something to do with what I vaguely remember as being an old Laundry after it was the site of the Mill, then latterly turned into flats by W J Roberts the Bottesford builder. Also when enhanced in the center of the picture the pole is the telephone connection between east and west and on of my earliest memories was every year the swallow’s would congregate on the wires, thousands of them before they migrated South.

    By Michael Bradshaw (16/01/2021)

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