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Samples of production from 1978 to 1987

By Linda Spencer

Miss Letitia
The Camel's Back - Cast
The Camel's Back - Crew
The House on the Cliff
Farndale 1
Farndale June as Mrs Reece
Busybody - The Cast
Busybody - The Crew
A Dead Body Right There!
"I'm Waiting Mrs Piper" !

Our pictorial Archive commences in April 1978 when Suzanne Howitt became a member of BATS.  It is with great appreciation that we have a record of our many productions.  There are one or two shows that we don’t have and pictures for and if anyone reading these pages should have any pictures that they would like to share with us, we would be delighted to view them.

A Sample of our Productions from 1978 to 1987

Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton

April 1978        Redmile            Admission 50 pence

“A Victorian Thriller”

Kath Fisher as Mrs Manning

Toby Evans as Mr Manning

Barbara Ewing as Nancy

Suzanne Howitt as Elizabeth

Bob Pitney as Rough

Dave Andrews as a policeman

Gordon Ewings as a policeman

Miss Letitia by Contance Cox

May 1981        Redmile            Admission 75 pence

“A costume drama”

Jim Peach as Mr Gilbey

Jackie Severn as Ada

June Pedge as Cook

Jill Lees as Emily Stevens

Kathy Fisher as Letitia Thompson

Barry Ellis as Harry Vincent

Joyce Smith as Miss Matfield

The Camel’s Back by Arnold Helsby

November 1981           Redmile            Admisssion 75 pence


Fred Stott as Ambulance man

Jill Smith as Cicely

Bill Hinds as Samuel Meacock

Gail Panter as Faith Hannacott

Richard Baker as Robert Sladen

Gerald Pedge as Ambulance man

Beryl Stott as Mrs Middleton-Jones

Kathy Fisher as Prudence Hannacott

John Ford as Ned Ruddle

June Pedge as Tilda Hannacott

Yvonne Cockayne as Miss Loveday


Audrey Bushall – refreshments

Ann Evans – refreshments

Joyce Smith – prompt

Pat Ford – director

Suzanne Howitt – props

Fred Stott – lights

Gerald Pedge – effects

House on the Cliff by George Baston

April 1983        Redmile            Admission £1

“A mystery-comedy” There’s murder, attempted murder, secret passages, mysterious prowlers, missing wills and strange voices in the night.  The play is packed full of clues for the amateur sleuth.

Audrey Bushall as Karen Clayton

Bill Hinds as Richard Baker

John Ford as Doctor lane

June Pedge as Nurse Pepper

Joyce Smith as Jenny

Yvonne Cockayne as Ellen Clayton

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery by David McGillivray

April 1984        Redmile            Admission £1

Amateur productions often have hiccups, but when the Townswomen’s Guild, perform a play written especially for them – the hiccups reach epidemic proportions.  The playwriter/producer is sure to be found huddled backstage is a state of nervous exhaustion.

Vicar (playing Inspector O’Reilly)                                            David Burton

Felicty (playing Pawn, a butler, a colonel and another)  Suzanne Howitt

Audrey (playing Lady Bishop,Violet Bishop,

Mrs King and Joan Bishop)                                         Yvonne Cockayne

Mrs Reece (playing Clarissa, Regine, Patricia Bishop,

Letitia Bishop and a solicitor)                            June Pedge

Thelma (playing Daphne Bishop and Rose Bishop)                    Deborah Bass-Pickin

Busybody by Jack Popplewell

April 1987        VC Hall Bottesford       Admission £1.20

A comedy, murder mystery


Suzanne Howitt as Marian Selby

Mike Scolefield as DC Goddard

Geoff Spencer as DS Baxter

David Burton as Robert Westerby

Jim Peach as Richard Marshall

Yvonne Cockayne as Claire Marshall

Melanie Russell as Vickie Reynolds

June Pedge as Mrs Piper


Fred Stott – lighting

Beryl Stott – Director

Mark – lighting (famous for blowing it up)

Gerald Pedge – effects

Linda Spencer – front of house

Julia Burton – front of house

Geoff Crabtree – front of house

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