Mystery outing (A Pub Crawl to Matlock)

Group photograph in the Red Lion Garden - 1948

By David Middleton

Group photograph in the Red Lion Garden

This group photograph shows Arthur Marston in the foreground.

Do you know where they were going? (Possibly the annual Skegness Outing organised from the Red Lion, see comments).

As Philip Tayor notes below in the comments, everyone is wearing a tie.

And from the shadow of the Red Lion end chimney on the building in the background the photograph was taken in the early morning.

Do you recognise any of the others?

Arthur Marston was a keen domino player. Is this group associated with dominoes? (Possibly not, see comments).

Is the tall person on the back row far right George Taylor? (Yes, see comments).

Chip Sutton thought that this might be the occasion when a trip had been arranged but the coach failed to turn up and a group photograph was taken instead! Does anyone elses recall this incident?

(Thank you for the comments so far)

Back Row (Standing)

Possibly Amos Tinkler (1st left); George Taylor (far left)

Front Row

Archie Pollard (3rd left)

Mrs Barbara Sutton has sent us the key to this photograph, and added the following information, “The picture shows an outing that took place on a Sunday in 1948 and was classed as a Pub Crawl to Matlock in Derbyshire, and they visited two or three pubs along the way. Apparently Dick Stanley went into one of the pubs and ordered a pint for everyone, taking the landlord by surprise. On arriving at Matlock, they walked up Abraham’s Heights and then visited some caves. One of the comments on the web page stated that everyone was wearing a tie, but if you look closely there is one person without a tie, namely my husband (J.W.Sutton).

The key states that the people in the picture are, from left to right:

Back row, standing: Bill Thurlby, Ted Damms, Bob Taylor, Wilf Tinkler, Joe Bolland (younger), Ron Donger, Joe Farrow, Eric (Sucker) Turner, Ernie Wright, George Sharp, Peter Burdett, Waddy Bullimore and George Taylor.

Middle row, seated: Bill Thurlby (senior), Joe Bolland, David Bolland, Dick Stanley, Bob Tinkler, Sid Darby, Jocky (Burt) Tinkler, Jack Branston, Bill Gamble and Ernest Taylor.

Front row, squatting: Tommy Johnson, Jack Moppet, Archie Pollard, ‘our dad’ William Sutton, Sid Darby, Arthur Marston (with cap, pipe and dogs), John William Sutton (no tie), Jack Taylor and at the extreme right Arthur Short.

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Comments about this page

  • The gentleman on the front row, third from the left (holding a cap) is quite possibly my uncle, Archie Pollard, who lived in a cottage opposite the Red Lion.

    By Maureen Hill (nee Cooper, Queen St) (07/05/2007)
  • The gentleman on the right end of the back row is my father, George Taylor & his father, Ernest Taylor is in front of him wearing the flat cap. Arthur Short is on the end of the row, squatting, next to Ernest Taylor. I have an original of this photograph if you would like it for your archives.

    By Joy Taylor (08/05/2007)
  • Thank you for the above comments and information.

    Please do contact Neil Fortey who would be pleased to copy the original photograph for the archives. The contact details can be found on the introductory pages.

    By David Middleton (08/05/2007)
  • Once a year the Red Lion organised a trip to Skegness, by rail which I believe used to be an all male event.
    My father George (end of the back row to the right) was not a domino player in those days, so I would lean more to a trip to the seaside. Note, every one has a tie on.
    I think the person on the left side in the flat cap is Amos Tinkler (12, South Crescent).

    By Philip Taylor (21/05/2007)
  • This was a day trip to Cleethorpes as recalled by the late George Taylor.

    By Joy Taylor (22/08/2008)

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