Bandmaster William Sutton's cornet

Inscribed in his honour

By Neil Fortey

William Sutton, who died in 1924, was Bottesford’s bandmaster.

The band played at village celebrations and parades, and members also served in the band of the Belvoir Volunteers. Members of the Sutton family belonged to the group of village musicians who played in church in the days before the organ was installed. His family had a butcher’s shop at No.13 High Street, and also a small shop next to Taylor’s butcher’s shop by The Cross.

‘Bill’ Sutton played a cornet which was inscribed in 1886 in his honour. Later it was played by Bob Sutton. The venerable instrument is still kept by Philip (Chip) Sutton, who has generously allowed it to be photographed.

The cornet is still in good condition. It has engraved decoration on both the outside and inside of the horn. In addition to floral whirls the outside carries two inscriptions and between them an oval royal crest has been fixed.

The first inscription reads:

1st Class
Exhibition Prize Medal
Awarded London 1862 & Dublin 1865 to
J. Higham Maker
127 Strangeways Manchester

Then comes the oval crest.

The second inscription reads:

Presented to
Bandmaster W. Sutton
By the
Bottesford Band
January 18th 1886

Other pictures on this page show William Sutton with the Bottesford band in the late 19th Century and again during coronation celebrations of 1911; later pictures show Bob Sutton with the cornet in the Bingham and Bottesford band in the interwar years.

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