Belvoir high school

Newton class 1972

By Nick Geeson

Newton class 1972

Back row

Paul Carruthers, Robert Spencer, Andrew Shipman, Jonathan Carlton, Trevor Crooke, Mark Harris, Ian Woodcock,  Peter Geeson, Steve King, Nick Geeson, Mark Baxter

Middle row

Paul,  Clive George,  Roy Burdett, Nichola Edmundson, Ann Tinkler, Deborah Braisby, Angela Wiles,  Catherine Ellis, Sandra Smart,  Karen Mcauley, Stuart Dow, Peter Grainger, Neil Meridith

Front row

Karen Tolladay, Gillian Tinsley, Sally Sharp,  Miriam Byrne, Mr Hodson, Karen Addlington, Judith Cox, Sonia Grimes, Carol Davies

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  • Dear Nick, Thanks for adding this picture and the listing of everyone in it. You have a much better memory than I have – I envy you. I hope some of them, grown up now, will get in touch and tell us how they got on. With best wishes, Neil Fortey

    By Neil Fortey (24/01/2014)
  • Nick, you do have a great memory. I had forgotten most of the people I went to school with. Brings back memories of Belvoir High.

    By Clive George (25/01/2014)
  • Well done “goose” some old pals here eh? Goes well with my Granby one, and same year I reckon?

    By Richard "Brad" Bradshaw (06/02/2014)
  • I was class of 94-98 and amazed to see that we were also taught by Mr Hodson: Wow!

    By Sarah j (14/05/2019)

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