Test Your Memory - Cyclists, Sightseers and Schoolteachers

Can You Name These People?

Phil Taylor

Picture 1. Three village workers on their way to work.

Left, Arthur Short, centre George Taylor, right,  ??????????

Can you name the person on the right?

What is the year?

Where were they going to work?

Picture 2. A Village Outing to 10 Downing Street

What were these village residents doing at No.10?

Were they delivering a petition?

Did they have a grievance?

Were they just sightseeing?

Did they meet the then current P.M.?

Picture 3. Belvoir Secondary Modern. 1960/1.

Hope I have got the year correct.

We are grateful to Mrs. Wendy Cross and Mr. Pat Poyser (front row right in picture) for supplying the definitive list of teachers’ names.

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Our thanks to Phil Taylor for sending us these pictures, which have prompted a lot of interest as can be seen from the comments below.

Thank you Joy Taylor, Adrian Jallands and David Tinkler for supplying names. Thanks, too, to Michael Bradshaw for answering our question about the location of Stanley’s cottages(see below).

Belvoir High School will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in the near future. We would particularly like to  receive recollections of the school in its early years, which can be added to this site, emailed to us or sent through the post.

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  • The two ladies on picture 2 from the left are Mrs Thurlby who lived in Stanleys Cottages & next to her is my gran, Florence Taylor, mother of George on the bicycle above, she also lived in Stanleys Cottages at that time.

    The School photograph, teachers on the bottom picture, back row from the left are Mr Green, French teacher & Mr Hodson, Science teacher, I will add the other name as I recal them.
    Joy Taylor

    By Joy Taylor (18/08/2007)
  • I Believe it is Mr Hodson back row betwwen Mr & Mrs Poyser, He taught a Science possibly Chemistry.

    By Adrian Jallands (19/08/2007)
  • Picture 3 Missing Names Back row 3rd from left is Mr Macdonald (English). 4 Teachers right of Mr Jeffs (when looking at the picture) are Mr Carr (Woodwork),Mr Greenway(History),Mr Hodgson(Science) and Mr Bagshaw (Maths & PE).The Headmistress is a Mrs Ogden. Front row 5th from left is a Mr Stimpson. David Tinkler 18/08/07

    By David Tinkler (20/08/2007)
  • Picture 3. Amendment, should read 4 teachers right of Mr Jeffs, when looking at photo. David Tinkler 21/08/07

    By David Tinkler (21/08/2007)
  • Stanley’s Cottages were, I think, alongside the shop in the High St. In the article by Margret Montigriffo you can just see them in the photo of her outside her father’s shop. They were demolished when Ottley’s shop was also removed to make way for what originally was a petrol station. The shop owner before Montigriffo’s was a Mr Stanley, hence the name Stanley’s Cottages.
    Regards Michael Bradshaw

    By Michael Bradshaw (26/08/2007)
  • Just a bit more info to follow up on Michael’s comments.
    My grandparents, Ernest & Florence Taylor’ lived in 1 Stanley’s Cottages. My father, George Taylor, Owen & Alwyn grew up there. I spent many happy hours playing in Stanley’s Yard. Mr & Mrs Thurlby lived in the cottage at the top of the yard (next to the row of outside toilets!)

    By Joy Taylor (28/02/2008)
  • Thank you for this additional information about Stanley’s Yard. I’ve added the only two pictures we have that give a glimpse of it. If you have any more memories or photographs of Stanley’s Yard and the people who lived there we would love to add them to the website.

    By Editor (29/02/2008)
  • I noticed that the school will be celebrating its 50th anniversary soon, On Fridays we had clubs and I was in the Young Farmers club, which involved cleaning out the pigs, feeding the turkeys (which i think provided Christmas dinner)working on the farm gardens etc. I also remember making chips in domestic science from the different varieties of potatoes that had been grown in the school grounds, and then the boys were brought in to taste them to see which they liked the best!!
    Mr Dewey the head used to play Classical music after assembly which we all had to walk out to, but best of all was Miss Allen who ran the school choir. She left so many stilleto heel marks in the stage stamping her feet if we went wrong and clicking her fingers and pointing at us if we didnt stop in the right place. We were perfect 🙂
    thanks to all my friends who I shared my school days with
    especially Gavin Simpson my first boyfriend who I walked endlessly round the school with.

    Linda x

    By Linda Clay (nee Southern) (04/04/2008)
  • Hello Linda
    I was also in the Young Farmers & Miss Alans fantastic choir with Linda, I wonder if those stilleto marks are still on the stage. Linda & I were best mates at school, we used to muck out & feed the pigs before assembly & take the calf for a walk at lunch time. Gavin Simpson has a lot to answer for, I also went out with him!! How many others, add your name here!!
    Do you remeber your dad’s bubble car Linda.
    Get in touch with & we can catch up, I wonder if Pam Plowright & Linda Bennett are still around, who else was in ‘our gang’?

    By Joy Taylor (03/05/2008)
  • Hello Joy, how fantastic after all these years. 44 years, ouch!! Yes I do remember the bubble car, it was blue and we called it Bessie.
    Here are a few more names from our school days that you may remember: Carol Lister, Carol Anyon, Diane Webster,David Hodgson, Heather Bond ( who lived near you). I was always envious of her brilliant dancing!! Linda Hourd.  I wonder what they are all doing now?
    I can remember playing in the River Devon ford, going back to the Dunwells with wringing wet trousers and completely denying I had been anywhere near the river, but we had some fun trying to jump the banks. You used to give me a croggie on your bike and we would go all over the village, not a care in the world. No computers then, or dvd players. Will the school be having a reunion for its 50th anniversary, how cool would it be for us all to meet up again after all this time.
    Do you remember Mrs Ogden the headmistress? If your hair touched your collar she would tie it up with string, I was terrified of her for some reason. I bet you wont remember this, we both got 99% out of 100 for human biology with Mr Dewey as our teacher. He would tell us something and then we had to spell it 3 times and repeat it, but it worked, and I can still remember most of it now. (Sad) Anyway, I have waffled on for long enough, I hope some of the others see this and get in touch, it would be great.

    take care
    Linda 🙂

    By linda clay (nee southern (18/06/2008)

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