The Bainbridge Family

Memories of Belvoir Road

By Lynn Slater and Neil Fortey

Walter Bainbridge, 1880-1942.
Walter Bainbridge, 1880-1942.
The Bainbridge family.
The Bainbridge family.

Lynn Slater has enquired about the house in Bottesford where her father was born. She knows that it was in Belvoir Road, but has not been able to determine which house it was. Her grandparents, Walter and Annie Bainbridge, came originally from Wainfleet in Lincolnshire. Her grandfather was a railway signalman who worked on a number of signal boxes including Spondon in Derbyshire and Westborough, Lincolnshire, before being posted to Bottesford. The family lived in Bottesford during the 2nd decade of the 20th Century at least up to 1921. The three youngest children were all baptised at Bottesford, while Annie Hilda, the second child listed below, was buried at Bottesford.

Lynn writes:

“My cousins and I have visited the Public Records Office at Wigston Magna. From the Parish records we found that four of the children (highlighted below) were either born, buried or baptised in Bottesford. This definitely puts the family living in Bottesford between 1912 and January 1921, and possibly several years either side.

Walter Bainbridge was a signalman for the LNER and we presume that he worked on one of the signal boxes in Bottesford. We found the voting registers for 1918, 1919 and 1920, and they showed that the family lived on Belvoir Road, but showed no number. One member of the family thinks the house may have been near a village green of some sort and the house was like a Victorian terrace with steps leading up to the front door and a small front garden.  However, these are memories of many years ago and may be confused, so that they cannot be relied upon.

WALTER BAINBRIDGE was born 02/02/1880 at Croft, Wainfleet All Saints, and died in 1942 at Radcliffe on Trent. Between July and September 1900 he married ANNIE GRAVES who was born in 1875, also at Wainfleet.

They had several children:

1)  DORIS,  born at Wainfleet, 05/11/1900, left the family home in Bottesford to work at the Mikado Café in Nottingham, where she became the Supervisor, died in 1968.

2) ANNIE HILDA, born on 22/09/1902 at 110, Forest Rd, Leicester, died on 31/12/1918 and was buried at Bottesford on 03/01/1919.

3) WINIFRED (known as “Winnie”), born on 19/07/1904 in a railway cottage by Westborough Box, Doddington, died in 1938 at Radcliffe-on-Trent.

4) IRENE MAY, born on 08/05/1906 also at Westborough Box, Doddington, died in 1923

at Radcliffe-on-Trent.

5) CLARICE IVY (“Ivy”), born on 23/09/1907 at Stanley, Spondon, married TOM McCORMICK and died in 1996.

6) MARGARET  ETHEL, born in 1909, died in 1967.

7) BEATRICE (“Beattie”), born in 1912 and baptised at Bottesford on 10/11/1912, died in 1975 at Radcliffe-on-Trent.

8) WALTER MAURICE, born on 24/12/1917 at Bottesford, baptised at Bottesford 21/07/1918, worked for British Rail, died on 11/07/1964 at Nottingham General Hospital.

9) WILLIAM LAURENCE (“Laurie”), born on 6/09/1920 at Bottesford, baptised at Bottesford on 23/01/1921, worked for British Rail, died on 13/07/2001 at Hayward House, Nottingham.

Now we have more information and a street name I was wondering whether you would be kind enough to enquire again with some of your elderly residents or contacts and see if they can remember the Bainbridge family living on Belvoir Road. If so, can they remember the number?”

Can anyone help provide more information about the Bainbridge family and where they lived? Were there any houses on Belvoir Road around 1920 that fit the description? If you can help, please add a comment or email it to

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