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Groups and Gatherings: Hallam; Goodson; Palmer and Dunsmore families

A gathering of the Hallam and Goodson families at their home on High Street. Please note that the elderly lady seated front central, holding a baby, should be named Sarah Hallam. She was the wife of Francis Hallam senior (not in this picture) and mother of George Hallam, who is standing behind her.
Courtesy of Mrs Beryl Smith. Also copy in private collection of the late Mr Fred Hallam
Frances Hallam, mother of ten children, with grandaughter Nancy Goodson (later Mrs. Moulsher).
An Unkown Family Group, c. 1890?
Sadly, their names have been lost, but we can still admire their faces, their hats and the geraniums in the window.
A Palmer Family Wedding, 1916.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Palmer.
The Wedding of Horace Tinkler and Elsie Dunsmore, The Green, 1935. Kneeling front right: Connie and Arthur Guy. End of 2nd row, left: Mr. Skinner. End of 4th row, left: Thomas Waudby. Just visible at the very back in front of the window: Henry and Frank Dunsmore. Next to the Groom, left: Annie Dunsmore (nee Ricketts). Back row, visible between the Groom and Bride: Louisa Ann Dunsmore (nee Bellamy). Back row, third from right, in white hat: Betty Whatton (nee Waudby)
Bride and Groom: Elsie Dunsmore and Horace Tinkler. Bridesmaid, centre: Margaret Waudby, aged 8.
The Wedding of Cyril Palmer, 1938.
Bride and Groom: Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Palmer, 1938.
World War 2. Front left: 'Boss' Cox, Headmaster, Bottesford School; Fourth from left: Winifred Goodson.
Can anyone identify this splendidly dressed lady in her fur and pearls?

We would like to thank Mrs. Beryl Smith for allowing us to copy this splendid Edwardian photograph of a gathering of the Hallam and Goodson families. It is exceptional in that their descendents can name every person in the picture.

Most families have collections of photographs, often going back three or four generations, in which people appear who can no longer beĀ  named with certainty. Sometimes friends, neighbours or relations can identify people from photographs in their possession.

If you can name any of the unamed people in these other fascinating pictures, please get in touch.

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  • With regard to photo No 7 I am almost 100% certain that the lady on the far left of the back row is my Granny – Emily Culpin – who we lived with in Church Street. I showed the photo to my parents last evening and they too are sure it is Granny – my Mum’s Mother. My mother is Ingrid Sellers (nee Culpin).

    By Brenda Turier (nee Sellers) (18/02/2008)
  • On relooking at these pictures, as regards the final picture ‘the unknown lady’ my mother, Ingrid Sellers (nee Culpin) says she thinks it is Mrs George Goodson who lived at The Rutland?

    By Brenda Turier (nee Sellers) (02/03/2008)

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