Sergeant Arthur Bradshaw

A village policeman

By Michael Bradshaw

P. C. Arthur Bradshaw, 1929, taken in Grantham
P. C. Arthur Bradshaw, 1929, taken in Grantham

This is a brief history of Police Sergeant Arthur Ernest Bradshaw and Family by his son, Michael Bradshaw. Michael and Elizabeth his wife live in Adelaide, South Australia, having left the UK some years ago.

Initially my father came to Bottesford first in 1929-30, as a new Police Constable, seconded to the Police station in Queen Street. The Sergeant at that time, I understand, was Sergeant Allen.  Being a single person he obtained lodgings at The Six Bells in Church Street, the home of the Bateson family. Mrs Ada Bond, (née Bateson) remembers fondly my father staying at her house when she was a small child. My father’s initial training was in Hinkley, Leicestershire, and he was born and raised in Loughbourgh.  I’m not sure of exactly how long he was in Bottesford for the first time, but after this initial posting he then returned to Market Harborough, and subsequently met and married my mother Vera Bradshaw (née Pitts), she being born and raised in Great Bowden, Leicestershire. During the war years they lived in Police Married accommodation, firstly at Hallerton Leics, then until 1948 at Tilton On The Hill Leics. Early in 1948 he returned to Bottesford as a Sergeant, accompanied by wife and three children.

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  • I remember the Bradshaw family well. My family, the village grocers, were their next door neighbours at Tilton on the Hill. We are still in touch, though sadly John, the elder brother, and my contemporary, has died (I once tried to drown him in a water tank…). Arthur once gave me a “lecture”. He had caught me trying to sell my toys (without a licence!) though I suspect, looking back, he had his tongue in his cheek

    By Elisabeth Hayes (nee Glover) (01/12/2007)
  • Hi, Elisabeth, send me an email, I have a wonderful old photograph of my granddad, Arthur with your father Harry outside his shop in Tilton in “Dads Army” mode with a large machine-gun, which you should have a copy of!!!

    By Richard Bradshaw (27/01/2016)

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