A Roll of Honour of WW1 servicemen

From the parishes of Bottesford and Muston, Leicestershire.


The investigation carried out by the Bottesford and Muston WW1 Centenary Project has assembled a Roll of Honour of WW1 servicemen. This includes men who were Killed in Action or who Died of Wounds during the fighting, and also the men who lived to see the end of the fighting. There is also a table listing men who had family links to Bottesford and who died in active service but were not included on the village War Memorial.

They are given here in a series of tables, as follows:

Table (1) – Bottesford casualties named on the village War Memorial

Table (2) – Additional WW1 servicemen with family links to Bottesford who died in active service.

Table (3) – Bottesford servicemen who survived military service in WW1,

Table (4) – Muston casualties named on the village War Memorial.

Table (5) – Muston servicemen who survived military service in WW1.

Click on the underlined names to read their biographies (then use the ‘back’ key to return to this page).

Please add a comment to point out mistakes and inaccuracies or the names of additional men who should have been included but have been overlooked.

Table (1) – Bottesford casualties named on the village War Memorial

 [m] indicates men also commemorated on the Methodist Roll of Honour.

Alliss, Charles

Asher, Albert [m]

Baines, Charles

Barrand, Cyril

Bend, Charles Albert [m]

Calcraft, George Alfred

Cooper, Thomas Harold [m]

Darby, Frederick

Dolman, Robert

Edwards, Joseph William

Gilding, Arthur

Hardy, Walter

Hatton, Horace Walter Smeathman

Hickson, Arthur Bernard

Holmes, Edgar

Matthews, Joseph William

Mayfield, Arthur

Miller, Clifford

Pacey, Charles

Pacey, Frank

Page, Robert Turlington Noble

Palmer, William

Raithby, Edgar

Raithby, Frank

Robinson, John Richard

Shaw, Frederick [m]

Skinner, James Herbert George

Skinner, Thomas William

Sutton, Philip

Vincent-Jackson, Montagu John

Table (2) – Additional WW1 servicemen with family links to Bottesford who died in active service.

Comprising ten identified by Trevor Lewis and Sheila Marriott [l], together with one man recorded on the Methodist Roll of Honour [m] and two named on the ‘church list’ but not displayed on the war memorial [c].

Allcroft, George

Bennet, John William [l]

Box, Henry James

Chettle, Charles William [l]

Green, Philip Weston [l]

Hand, Joseph [l]

Harrison, William [l]

Johnson, Henry [l]

Lawson, Frank (real name of “Frank Pratt”) [m]

North, Thomas James [l]

Palmer, Walter [l]

Roberts, Thomas Goodson [c]

Schofield, Francis James

Taylor, Frank Bernard [l]

Whittle, Frederick William [l]

Widdowson, Bert [c]

Table (3) – Bottesford servicemen who survived military service in WW1

Names assembled from the list discovered in St Mary’s (the ‘church list’), shown on the Methodist Roll of Honour and drawn from other sources including the Absentee Voters list 1918-19, the 1919 List of Electors and contemporary newspaper articles most published by the Grantham Journal.

[m] indicates men also commemorated on the Methodist Roll of Honour.

Abbott, Louis James

Allcorn, Francis Cecil [m]

Allcorn, Frank

Allcorn, Frederick

Allcorn, Percy Leonard

Allen, John

Asher, Charles Fred

Asher, Harold [m]

Asher, Jack

Bailey, Charles Cecil

Baines, Walter

Baker, William

Ball, William Arthur

Barke, Reginald

Barker, Harold

Barrand, Ernest

Barrand, Leonard

Barrand, Victor Percival

Barrand, Wilfred Joseph

Bend, Arthur

Bend, Arthur William

Bend, James William

Bend, John Tom

Bradley, George William

Branston, Ernest William [m]

Branston, Thomas Harold

Brewster, Harold [m]

Briggs, Arthur Henry

Briggs, Herbert Abbott [m]

Briggs, Joseph Cecil [m]

Briggs, Thomas Harold [m]

Bryan, William

Bugg, Harry

Burrows, Harry Edgar

Calcraft, Charles William [m]

Calcraft, James Edward

Challands, Wilfred Arthur

Christmas, Frank

Christmas, Reginald

Christmas, William Ernest

Cooper, C.

Cooper, Frank

Cooper, John Richard

Cooper, John Walter

Copeland, Herbert Stanley

Cox, Albert Edward

Cox, Clifford

Cox, Walter

Coy, James Frederick

Cragg, Edward

Culpin, Edgar

Damms, John William

Dane, Frederick

Darby, Walter

Dawson, Norman

Daybell, Cecil Norris

Dent, William

Edwards, William

Ellison, William Henry

Evans, William Samuel

Gaylard, Percival Charles

Gaylard, Trevor Richard

Geeson, Arthur Cecil

Geeson, James William

Gilding, Frank [m]

Gilding, William

Glover, John Hastings

Hallam, Harold

Handley, John Kirton

Harby, Harry [m]

Hardy, Arthur Edward

Harmston, Edward

Harris, Harry

Hart, Arthur James

Hart, Ewart

Hart, Harry Albert

Healey, James

Hickson, Francis Vincent

Hilson, Francis William

Hollingsworth, Robert

Holloway, Charles Cecil

Holt, Sydney

Hudson, Herbert Wright

Jackson, John Robert

Jackson, Joseph

Jackson, Thomas William [c]

Jallands, Albert Edward [m]

Jallands, Ernest Henry [m]

Jallands, Herbert William

Jallands, Walter [m]

Johnson, George

Johnson, Gordon

Johnson, William Henry (Harry)

Kennewell, Arthur Harry

Kennington, Henry Thomas Barker

King, Lionel May

Kirk, Alfred

Kirton, Frank

Kirton, Isaac George

Kirton, John William

Kirton, Robert Johnson

Kirton, Thomas

Lamb, Thomas Dennis

Lane, Harry William

Lane, Lawson

Lane, Marshall

Lawson, Wilfred John (alias “John Pratt”)

Lenton, Frederick James

Marston, Arthur William

Mellors, Robert Paul

Miller, Ernest James [m]

Miller, Walter [m]

Miller, William Hedley

Mould, Reginald Cecil Lane

Ogden, Arthur William

Ogden, Bernard Donald

Pacey, Frederick

Pacey, Walter

Pacey, William

Parnham, Thomas Harold [m]

Parr, Albert

Philcox, Frank

Philcox, Sidney [m]

Porter, Herbert William

Pritchett, Arthur Harold

Raithby, Thomas William (Willey)

Rawdin, Frank

Rawdin, Frederick Cecil [m]

Rawdin, Harry

Rawdin, Robert [m]

Rawdin, William Henry

Richardson, Donald Hickling

Robinson, Sidney Garnett

Robinson, Thomas

Saunders, Fred

Schofield, William (James)

Scoffins, Albert Thurlby

Sentence, John Thomas

Sharpe, Ernest Arthur

Shaw, Edward

Sills, Bernard

Silverwood, Arthur Edward

Silverwood, Cecil Tom

Silverwood, Robert Charles

Slater, Reginald

Slater, Victor

Slater, William

Staines, Frank

Sutton, Robert (Bob)

Sutton, John William

Sutton, William

Taylor, Arthur Henry

Taylor, Ernest [m]

Thurlby, William

Tinkler, Albert

Tinkler, Bernard Robert

Tinkler, Harry

Torry, George Harry

Turner, Ernest (also known as Ernest Gordon Thackeray-Turner)

Turner, Frederick William

Turner, Louis

Turner, William

Vincent, Frank Wright

Vincent, Thomas Wright

Ward, Arthur William [m]

Waring, George

Welbourne, Harold

Welbourne, Herbert

White, Octavius Luke

Willcockson, Fred

Winn, William Barker

Table (4) – Muston casualties named on the village War Memorial

Buckingham, James

Bullock, John William

Coy, William Henry

Furnival, James Richie

Gale, Cyril

Johnson, Isaac

Jones, Ernest

Kirton, William Pollard

Norman, Jesse

Pritchett, Reginald Cecil

Wakefield, Ernest

Table (5) – Muston servicemen who survived military service in WW1

Bane, Matthew

Barratt, John Francis Tufnell

Bonshor, Isaac Henry

Bonshor, William Arthur

Bullimore, Henry

Bullimore, William

Calcraft, Albert

Calcraft, Thomas William

Challands, George Ernest

Coddington, George Wakefield

Coy, Cyril

Elliott, George William

Gale, Charles Cecil

Gale, Christopher

George, Ernest William

Johnson, Daniel

Kelly (Killeen), Martin Patrick

Lamin, Robert Charles

Norman, Henry Charles

North, Harry

Nugee, Andrew Charles

Nugee, Francis John

Nugee, George Travers

Oliver, Albert Edward

Oliver, Cecil Charles

Sentance, William

Sentence, John Thomas

Shipman, Harry Cyril

Tinkler, Amos

Tinkler, James William

Topps, Theodore


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